Russian FSB Arctic Landing Exercise April 2020


Damtoys will one day bring out a version with this snow camouflage … compared to the all-white version recently released … :blush:

Actually, MCToys teased a Russian snow figure two years ago. Let me see if I can locate that thread.

Pretty cool that at least some of these appear to be Vympel operators, a rare public occurrence.


Uniform was from Gruppa 99.

Chest rig setup MBC SOL-3 with optional chest plate. Linked here and here.


Somewhere, I picked up an insulated suit in a similar camo pattern, in 1:6. I seem to recall it had been released with an extreme sport, or urban tagger figure.

Sounds like the Merit Recon Stash figure. They did a jacket and pants. I’d like to see someone tackle Multicam Alpine or the Russian domestic knockoff of it as the case could be.



That’s the one, I think.

On that last quote/post, I kept getting the censor message, about retailers and profanity. I kept excising parts of my reply, until it accepted it. Hadn’t mentioned any retailer, or brand. Perhaps my reference to my basement did it.

Predates the forum here, found the pictures: