Russian IRT patch


Perusing some of Lazarev Tactical’s images, I noticed this velcro patch, apparently to substitute for the full armbands. Looks like an easy item to make, given the number of armbands that have come with various figures and uniform sets.


It’s simpler than the armband, but not visible from every angle. At least the soon coming Russians from DAM won’t have it, but probably sth for a smaller DIY project.


It may be, in 1/1, an application like the GLINT patches worn by NATO troops. When hit by IR illumination, they glow significantly, Some Russian BA, LBE, and large patches, have IRT characteristics,

Good for IFF purposes, tho personnel with NVGs/NODs can see IR light sources.


Like this skull patch on the back of his helmet?


It could be, the big, Cyrillic ID patches can be found in IRT versions.