Russian Movie - BRATSTVO (LEAVING AFGHANISTAN) - 2018/2019

Note a good new war film made in russia. Original title: Bratstvo (2018/2019), translated in France for the Vod version: “Leaving Afghanistan”. In 1989, the Russians are preparing to leave Afghanistan, a group of the 108th Motorized Infantry Division, must carry out a rescue mission to free a captured Russian pilot. Inspired by real events, some beautiful scenes of combat, without being a blockbuster. Once again I would like Damtoys to be inspired by these “heroes” to release a version of a Russian soldier from this period (beige uniform, armaments) … A film pleasant to watch.

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I’d love to see this. Perhaps you could point the way towards it (sorry but the choice of words is meant to bypass the blocked terms…)

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It’s now available everywhere in Blu Ray … :blush:

Amazon does not list it. Any sources for streaming/downloading? My search came up empty…

Sorry… i’m french, and here, it’s available… :upside_down_face: