Russian Soldier in Syria

Used the AF reference media section for inspiration for this bash (thanks to all who upload stuff). Specifically the photos of soldiers in Syria.


Nicely done! I really like all he attention to gear detail. Is his rig from the E&S pmc security escort, and uniform from the SOBR Bulat figures?

Yes & Yes. Rig is great, it just has so much “load space” for gear. I was worried the figure was going a bit Rambo, grenades hooked in rig and combat knife on chest. End of day just decided to go for it, I liked the overall look

Thanks for comments

Nice job, he really looks the part! The goggles and knife stand out to me. One suggestion, from what I’ve seen Russian SSO don’t tend to wear hi-vis unit patches in Syria - that’s more of a domestic thing (although those FSB patches look sweet). He really captures the Spetsnaz look though.

Did wonder about patches, sniper’s love em.

I have more military patches coming in the post. Will swap out for a more subdued look

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