Russian Spetsnaz


Here’s a very mixed collection of Russian SOF units. I am by no means an expert on this subject, and I know for a fact there are some pretty knowledgeable Russian kitbashers on this site so please feel free to jump in/add on here.

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Using MP5?


Yep, MP5s, as well as HK416s, HK417s, some AR15 variants and of course, Glocks. I’m not sure why they’d choose an MP5 over a Vityaz or some other domestic 9mm AK, but it certainly makes for interesting kitbashing material.


They seem to have a tremendous amount of lattitude in what they are able to use, not uncommon to see various European firearms in use. Some of them even run fairly tricked out ARs as well. So much for sanctions.


Canuck - thank you for taking time uploading all this reference material. Its fantastic!
Cuppa tea/biscuits and more looking:eyes:


There will soon be no visual difference (except AK weapon variants and patches) between special forces around the world. :blush:


I have some pic from the Ukraine, with Russian, or pro-Russian operators carrying M4s.


No problem! I realized I have way too many saved in my personal reference collection from years of research so figured I’d share.