Russians trying out Beretta assault rifle...or are they...???

This showed up on the FB Army Inside page. I saw it yesterday. The text that went with it described the operator as CSN SSO. The guest (?) is shouldering a Beretta ARX-160, which a commenter described as large. Perspective may play a part in that impression, or the relative size of the two gents.

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That is sort of strange, as it looks very close in size to an AK-104 carbine, and certainly smaller than a full size AK-74. I suppose the forward section is distinctly bulky.

I’m pretty sure the guy at left is an airsofter, cosplaying as a Call of Duty character (saw his post on Reddit awhile back). I may be mistaken though


looks bulky, but reliable!

“cosplaying as a Call of Duty character”

funny enough, that fantastic bash you made a month ago is the Bale Skin (which is the one he is cosplaying as.)

download (3)


Haha thanks, yep that’s the one! I think his 'fit is pretty spot on for the most part, but the RRV-type chest rig is something I’ve never seen in use by SSO.


Army Inside comes off as a source connected to the Russian forces. It’s ironic if this is an AS guy.

Russians and FB connected to misinformation???

Guess I will have to probe a bit.

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I could be mistaken! One way or the other, it’s a cool kit that might be worthy of a 1/6th version

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I posted a reply on the thread, guess we’ll see what they reply…or do not.

The OP is Grey Shop Motherland Supply -

Their About Us says "We supply original Russian equipment all over the world! Fast delivery time to any part of the world in 1-3 days with low cost. "

Ah ok, that makes sense. They do supply actual Russian kit (MBC, SRVV, Wartech, etc) but they also sell replica Russian kit (Altyn helmets, Gorka suits, non-rated replica Fort body armour) to airsofters and LARPERs.

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Yes, there’s a fair amount of inter-traffic, among actual military, various authors and researchers, scale hobbyists, and re-enactors.

I was reading some lengthy and detailed stuff on SEAL Team kit, weapons, and uniforms, yesterday. It’s the work of a re-enactor in the UK, and connected individuals. They converse and correspond with actors, staff, and advisors from the CBS show.
It’s interesting to see the attention to detail, as well as what trade-offs are made, when items are not available.

An aside,regarding SEAL Team. I missed quite a bit of some past seasons, when it seemed a bit “soapy”, but recently have been watching. In the past episode or two, they were operating in friendly/neutral areas, doing searches for terrorist technical assets, and HVTs.
Given the circumstances, they were dressed in casual clothing, sometimes without helmets and PCs. They were also carrying MP5s with add on suppressors, as their primary weapons.

I queried a friend, who has worked with various operators, and he pointed out that MP5s like that are a 90s-vibe sort of deal, and they would by now be running MP7s.
They had a number of team members doing that, in past episodes, so who knows…
…“sterile” or deniable perhaps?

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Would that resource happen to be the Reptile House? It seems like some of the best researchers live in the UK, that’s where a lot of my UKSF info comes from

It’s a thriving market for airsoft. Thanks to the way it is being regulated there you can import just about anything you want airsoft-wise. There is a real enthusiast community built up around the high end and custom market which tends to be driven by intensive research given time lag and lack of available public information on the latest stuff. Very similar to Japan in that respect.

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The guy mentioned owing a lot to Reptile House.

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