SAS Blade, 2019

Hi all here’s a quick (WIP?) SAS trooper I’ve thrown together, kind of loosely inspired by Obi-Wan Nairobi and the Castle Hill reference pictures. Might switch out the face mask for a cycling respirator and his light belt kit for a much heavier (and accurate) load. The AVS and 1st line gear are not 100% accurate but I’m pretty happy with the L119A2 IUR so far.

I’m still experimenting with my photo setup so excuse the crappy pictures. Also yes this one is very much WIP but I’ve decided to take more pictures as I have a bad habit of bashing 100 different figures and only taking pictures of 5 or 6 out of that number.


Outstanding! I put together a bash based on the Nairobi incident too, and then E&S came up with their figure… yours looks great!

Thanks! I liked yours a lot too.

Looks good Canuck. Nice bash.

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