SAS Ghost Operation

Hi all,

This is my first Kitbash post in this website. I have enjoyed collecting and customizing military figures since 2018. I will start to share my custom figures soon!

1 Head SS Air Crew
2 Body SS 2.5
3 Rifle 1:6 Scale Soldier Story SS100 NYPD ESU Entry Team - MP5A5 Submachine Gun Set
4 Belt DAM 78071 1 : 6 FSB
5 Helmet DAMTOYS DAM78051
6 Gloves DAM78058
7 Boots DID MA1003 1 : 6 SWAT
8 Knee Pads DAMTOYS DAM 1/6 78071
9 Leg Pouch 1/6 Soldier DAM78058
10 Helment inner SS Marine Radiers
11 Goggle EASY&SIMPLE ES26038S
13 Rifle 1:6 Scale ES GA1003B Special Operative Phantom - AR-15 Assault Rifle Set



A good looking trooper, and nice special effects.
I’m wondering about the spare MP5 magazines on his upper right arm, it looks like they’re secured by a velcro strap. Loaded, they are substantial, and might well slip out.

Great job on this, looks really cool.

Nice work and great attention to detail!

Very cool kitbash, all in the details.

Looks great. Great enough that if it was a full kit offered by Dam or SS, I would definitely add it to my collection.

Hi Murakami,
Thank you for your interest in my custom figure. As you point out the possibility of dropping magazines, they can easily slip out in real life. I bought a velcro strap and cut it into a smaller size.

This is a really cool bash! Can I ask what you did to the helmet? The original is brown yes? Thanks

It’s the mesh cap that comes with one of the two SS094 load outs. Has a shroud attached.They call it CP Nightcap.

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Thanks chpo! Much appreciated

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I always wondered about this NightCap thing. It is made of soft material but features an NVG mount like a helmet. Why wouldn’t you just wear a helmet with thf NVGs? That would afford more protection. Can the NightCap be tightly packed. Then it woulx make sense, you carry it concealed, kind of unfold it and mount your NVG. Anybody have more information about this particular item?

Helmets are heavy, can cause sweat (losing water = bad) and often impair hearing/situational awareness. I imagine this is less of a problem with high-cut helmets like the Ops-Core FAST or Team Wendy variant, but I’ve only had personal experience with old-fashioned “ear-covering” helmets.

I’d definitely use a Night Cap on a recce if given the opportunity. Looks a lot comfier and more supportive than the “skull-crusher” variant that props on your forehead and cheekbones and, as the name suggests, isn’t particularly comfortable. And yes I believe the Night Cap can be folded away into a small package.

Park52425, welcome! I love the kitbash, and the additions you made! Reminds me of a bank robber.