SAS Operation Nairobi by "gtrgtrgtrgtrgtr"


British Territorial SAS Nairobi Kenya January 15 2019

Also a version by @Axi_Run


Awesome bash Christoph!!! I’m inspired. Could you post a parts breakdown?


I suppose it was inevitable. That’s really nicely done.


Sorry, not mine. It’s somewhere from BBICN by gtrgtrgtrgtrgtr


Ahhh, so that’s where it’s from.

Nice bash.


Wondering how long before I would see this theme bash (was considering my own attempt but lost in 1/12 & 1/18 projects at moment).

Lovely work on display. I must pull my finger out and get some 1/6 stuff done LOL


THX a lot for sharing @chpo .


No problem, welcome to this blog. Have seen some of your work on Facebook already.