SAS - UK operation

Hi all

Over the last few years we have seen photos of SAS members conducting uk operations. E&S/GW have given us figures based on these images. I wanted to do my own to expand my “modern SAS counter terrorist collection”.

Helmet & Headphones - E&S
Head - E&S clone painted by me
Knee pads - Task force CB MTP
Jacket - SoldierStory SS107 Iraqi Special Forces
Vest & Gloves - E&S/GW SAS CRW Assaulter
Rifle L119A1/L17A2 - E&S british special forces set
Trousers & Boots & Pistol - no idea - ebay purchase
Chest holster - scratch built by me



WOW! What an amazing paint work! Looks better than the original!

thanks oso2013 - I was really pleased with results on this head.