SAW-Gun mount for ATV-Quad (Zytoys)

Just made 3-D printed Mount for my ATV-Quad.


Those ATVs are so cool. Is that a ZY toys one?

Yes, in the title it says. Here is the full assortment.

Wow, really neat! Nice pose of the “Chief”, here, too.

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That is just cool. Nice work on the mount. Looks great with the 48 on there.

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This is my next project after I finish up the next few figures that have been on the back burner. I couldn’t find one in the U.S. so I ended up buying mine on Ebay from a seller in China. I’ve started obtaining equipment to put on it in the meantime. Looks good!

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Do you care to share the STL files so I can set up mine as well? Fixing an ERTL John Deere ATV so I can make it look decent …

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Jostovar, I have an atv which I customized with some ammo box racks and a scratch built gun mount . Which I haven’t finished painting yet. If you would like to see it let me know, I’ll post some pictures

Cool bro. That will be great. Mine does not look as cool as I’d like, but it’s starting to take some shape…


Hey mate that looks super cool dude, a few more little details and l think your got it .I all so have a gun case on mine. And few bags and assorted gear .I’ll have some photos up very soon. And again it looks great mate.


Thanks. Much appreciated bro.


Jostovar - looks really cool!
What toybrand is the ATV from?

this one is ERTL. John Deere Buck Model.