SBS - Falklands


SAS seem to get all the attention from figure manufactures, so decided to go SBS on these bashes.

First figure: Tony Barton head sculpt painted by me. Beret & Badge purchased of ebay. Rest of kit is dragon stuff.

Second Figure: Dragon head sculpt painted by me. Beret & Badge off ebay. Top from Dragon
WW2 accessory pack. Trousers ebay think they are american woodland. Chest rig ebay purchase (could be DID or DML).


Seeing these two figures is a treat, there both quite nice. Your head paint/repaint(s) are quite effective, making them real characters. I like the uniform components and kit worn by the second fellow.
Some special forces types seemed to organize items from surplus stocks, as well as some from foreign militaries, valued for their utility.
As I recall, the Falklands were a period where troops went afield with some of the newer generation of wet/cold weather clothing ( some, like polypro underwear, resulting in severe burn injuries). Items like the WW2 lined anorak, and civilian outdoor clothing, could make up for shortages of advanced issue uniforms. The “come as you are” nature of the UK forces deployment, was met by the adaptable nature of these men, drawing on their peculiar talents, and that of family and mates.

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