Scorpion Evo 3 - ČZUB


  • ARMSHEAD JK-03 JK Girl Set 3.0

Just got this a couple of days ago. And as expected I was not expecting too much and I was right! LOL!

The molding is soso. You don’t see all the details on the real gun. The mag well fits the mag very well. A plus, because far too many wells are either too loose or too tight. This one fits snug. The folding stock is also well made and it clips on very well to the side of the gun. Now whether this breaks, only time will tell. The worst part about the gun is the cocking lever…it can only go half way and the cocking handle moves far too much. The Picatinny rails fit most of the accessories made by Dam & SS, as well as other companies. Dam Toys seem to work best. Fit nice and snug. All in all, I only paid $24 with shipping for this rifle which is not too bad for a mediocre gun that no one has manufactured.