Seal Team Returns

Looks like the Rattler is back.


Seal Team now with Tiger stripe Uniforms. GREAT! I love this series. These guns are great too.


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So agree great show. Remember seeing Band of Brothers behind the scenes, all the training done by ex-military for actors & on set monitoring resulted in a top show. I am sure Seal Team must have a same set up to ensure it all looks real.


Trent Sawyer (don’t remember the name of the actor) is actually a former SF (Delta I guess) who suffer severe injuries in Irak and was medically discharged after rehab, and also producer of the show. Brock is a K9 police officer and I think that Full Metal was a former Navy SEAL.

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The gear used on this show is supposed to be pretty accurate to actual SEALs, right?

I know I’ve seen pics of tiger stripe Crye uniforms in use, but I have never seen anything like the Tiger stripe helmet or what seems to be a backpack on the dude in the second pic on the right.

Are SEALs actually going back to Tiger stripe or is this just a thing for the show?

And if so, Why? Don’t they already have AOR2 which serves the same purpose?

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Seems like something E&S would be all over with the use of the Tiger Stripe camo on a few recent figures.

This was Part 1, with Part 2 showing next Sunday, eventually transitioning the new season to Paramount (?). Semi-comatose from much of the angst-filled low-talking, I’m not sure I caught all details, but the uniforms and gear were mentioned as specific to this specific mission. A “no-nock”, sneaky pete (ideally non-kinetic) infil into N Korea, they seemed to infer the team would be “old school” - seeking to avoid identification as what they are.

Tiger stripe variant uniforms being somewhat common among SEA nations’ forces, maybe that was the reasoning. If any of them are captured or killed, ID’ing them shouldn’t be much of a problem, despite the absence of rank, insignia and specific uniform and BA. If they were outfitted with NK civilian garb or uniforms, they’d face execution.
I was still interested, but some of the plot line seems aimed at freshening up the missions for viewers.

Paramount is trying hard to make their streaming service relevant after losing a fortune on movies it seems. A good sign for the show but hopefully they don’t tone mess with the formula.

Noticed another recent item of interest in a brief scene.

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I love the tiger stripe bump helmet, I’d be all over that in 1/6. I should check out this show.