Seal Team series - radio loadout?

Hello at all,

i am a big Fan of the above TV series. Does anybody know what kind of Radio loadout is visible at these photos and how i can get it in 1/6 or kitbash it? The photos are from Season 1 , Episode 11 ((Containment). I know they use an PTT U94 plug and some kind of earpiece. Don´t know the radio type and were the micro is.


The radio looks to me like a standard issued AN/PRC-148 MBITR. No problems to get one in 1/6.
With the PTT you are right. It’s an U94 style PTT like the new TEA U94 PTT. It comes with the DAM FBI HRT figure for example.

The earpiece is a litte bit difficult to identify. But it could be an in-ear headset like the INVISO M3s.

It has no extra external microphone but a built in bone conduction microphone in the earpiece.
Best match in 1/6 is the X5 in-ear headset from the Invisio X50 Dual Channel Comms Headset System that comes with the Soldier Story Mk46 SEAL Gunner.

THX a lot. The kitbash Master knows the Answer :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.
Checklist of my “stock”:
AN/PRC-148 MBITR - :+1:
PTT U94 - :+1:
X5 in-ear headset - :+1:

Many THX for the Help!!!