Server upgraded

The new year has brought with it upgraded hosting plans with better hardware at the same price so I’ll be spinning up a new server and migrating over to that. Should be mostly seamless but will be down for some time while that takes place.

Good news. Won’t notice with GMT +1.

I was pleasantly surprised to see something actually came down in cost recently, rather than going the other way. Double the memory, double the space and at no additional cost makes for an easy decision.

So we all can post more collection and review pics :blush:

Well that was much quicker than expected, have to love using cloud servers. Backup, take a snapshot image, resize, restore and done. The extra space will be handy, but more so the extra memory. The software infrastructure this forum uses is a bit hungry on memory so this gives a fair bit more breathing room. Memory is usually the more expensive upgrade when moving up/resizing servers so glad to see it was a free upgrade.