SG038: Evacuation Team DEVGRU

Here’s my ES26044C figure. My main issue with this release was the paint app on the head. As I mentioned on another thread, it had easily rubbed off a few places. Almost like it wasn’t properly sealed. I can’t recall this being an issue with their previous releases. I feel recently it’s been a hit or miss from them. I emailed them about it and hopefully, they’ll correct the issue. with that said, I went ahead and repainted it as best as I could. I’ve only done it a few times and I’m fairly happy with how it came out.

I added a fleece as I felt it was appropriate since the A & B sets came with a similiar type of light jacket.

All in all it was a pretty interesting series. i hope they continue to release figures based on real world events.


Great pictures! I love them! The repainted head looks goog to mee!

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Nice work again and my favorite Figure of this series. Looks awsome. The jacket is a nice addition and fits well. Like it was made for this. Also the poses are great done. Your repainted head looks very good.

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Yup, great pics again SUN_GZU.

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Paint job on the h/s looks great and the fleece is a excellent ad on and the photography takes the cake mate. Top job all round, love your work!:+1:

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Great pics as usual.

I like the fleece jacket addition. I picked up 2 spares of that one myself. The black makes a nice contrast.

I was tempted to add the windbreaker from 26044B to this guy as well, as I think it also makes a good combo.

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Thanks all, I appreciate it. :beers:

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Here’s a group shot. :sunglasses: