Shanghai Wonder Fest

Not really a great deal of new stuff shown military-wise, but here are a few of the relevant Dam products from the fellows over at BBICN. Hopefully there is some more stuff to be wheeled out for display, curious that the VBSS and FSB figures due relatively soon weren’t out on display yet.

If these disassembled M16s have a working charging handle, I could update my IDF CAR-15.

Hope there will be some close ups.

EDIT: After checking on a bigger screen it looks like no effort by DAM again.

Appears that DAM is going to be making some more Vietnam era figures the way those A1’s and Car-15’s are.

I do need to update my M16A1s and Colt 653s with current-standard examples.

Could these fit the bill? We shall see…

From their instagram account. It looks like E&S rifles but I’m not sure.


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That’ll be interesting to see how DAM’s GRY Rifles turn out. Would like to compare them to General Sam’s rifles.

We’ll see tmr!

I’ll be interested in whether they have proper GRY lowers. If so, I may give the E&S GRY to a figure as I have lower standards for weapons I arm my figures with as opposed to the weapons in my collection.

True, General Sam’s didn’t have a correct one due to financial reasons which would have put the MRSP up to USD 50 or something.

I also have this accuracy thing going. All rifles that are released by another company too with better detail get dismissed. Keeps the collection nice and exclusive.

Looks like another possible entry into the Ghosts line. Looking at the figure though it looks like a very basic rehash but hard to judge without a better view of a complete figure.

Wonder if the S&S plate frame shown is going to be bundled with the GRY rifles as a EF set. Salient glocks there as well. Hopefully we’ll get better pictures of the two AK’s on the right.

Good to know that besides dinosaurs, transformer clocks and warcraft there are still nice 1/6 military things to be teased and released. Even with the latest addition of 1/12.

Curious about tomorrow.

So the above SAI/S&S gear along with the figure are all 1/12 scale…meh. There is some video coverage of the show from TOYSTV on youtube. DAM booth tour is around 2 minute mark.


That’s a huge letdown. 1/12 is intruding 1/6 too much. I don’t like it.

We’ll see how they manage it. Right now they are all over the place between statues, 1/6, 1/12, and whatever else they get into. So far they are still releasing more 1/6 than anyone else and if nothing else this an opportunity for others like Soldier Story and Easy Simple. It’ll be interesting to see how the 1/12 sell as I don’t see it taking off as a military product with the traditional customer base. Detail just isn’t there and North American sales are heavily reliant on part outs with all the major dealers. I could definitely see them doing well with licensed/unlicensed movie figures in that scale however. Some are expecting that scale to bring more vehicles and so forth but the tooling is still very expensive at that price.

It would save a lot of space compared to 1/6. The figures itself are around half price of the 1/6 at some dealer sites.
You think these 1/12 are more of a test run first or is it a proven product in Asia already?

I see it as more of a test to see if military can be viable in this scale, but smaller scale figures from Figma, Revoltech, Play Arts, Mezco, and others have had some success in smaller scales but that is mostly due to the huge price difference compared to other larger alternatives like Hot Toys. @Scrib might have some further insight.

1/6 is the scale where things are practical for detail and durability. I can’t imagine trying to do molle webbing at 1/12 scale for example. I think the detail side is far more important for military figures collectors than say Hot Toys, which are comparatively worse in terms of detail (ie molded boots, basic clothing, poorly detailed weapons, etc). It will be interesting to see what people find more important, detail or price. If I was them I would be focusing on a VTS line of 1/12 unlicensed figures as those would definitely sell better.

The pricing model isn’t attractive for dealers either, especially given the inconsistency in DAM’s QC combined with a whole new product line. If something goes wrong with 1/6 it is much easier to take care of. For 1/12 who knows. For me it is more of a wait and see but I am interested to see how it turns out and there could be a few interesting products come out of it. If nothing else if they are smart they’ll use the same CAD models to cut development costs on weapons.

Then we have to wait and see. It would be just a waste for 1/6 hobbyists to see these nice weapons only being created in 1/12. At least their Operation Red Sea will feature both scales.

I only wonder why there was no display of the next to be released figures at this fair.

Some additional photos of the 1/12 along with the M16/Car-15

And here’s Ben’s stuff on display:

Those GRY rifles look great. Also Ben’s stuff looks amusing as well, wish he was still doing 1\6th though.


Those AK’s look nice too, as well as the Glocks.

I haven’t seriously collected any smaller scale figures in over a decade. I collected Plan-B Toys’ WWII, Palisades’ and NECA’s Resident Evil, SOTA’s Street Fighters, McFarlane Military, Kaiyodo’s Trigun, Figma’s K-On, and Play Arts’ Final Fantasy among others. I am all about the 1/6 now though!

I think the M16A1 and Colt 653, sadly enough, are also 1/12 scale. The fact that the 653 has two separate pieces for an extended and collapsed stock and the fact that the magazines that actually load into the weapon are smooth and tapered on top (seemingly to facilitate plugging into the lower receiver) indicate that these are not 1/6.

I could be wrong, but that’s how it looks. Without any scale reference in the pictures, it’s kind of hard to tell.