Shanghai Wonder Festival 2020

Some photos from Jazzz over at BBICN. Not much there of interest for us military fans, but here is an upcoming Russian figure from DAM.

They are also showing an impressive looking figure from the Wandering Earth film.


Super cool Russian. Looks to be a VV MVD mountain infantryman! Sweet Arid Flora cam, Flora Grad rig, and a better quality AKM, I’m all in on this one.


An AKM and an SVD! I for one am looking forward to seeing more of this.

WOW BRING ON THE EXOSUITS !!! They look awesome !

This new Russian, have they said if it’s 1;6 ?

Somehow, the size of the pics, and the fineness of the features look like they could be 1:12.

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Yeah, I said the same thing Mike! LOL!

If it’s 1/12 then they are using micro thread for the stitching as opposed to the usual rope that’s used on 1/12 figures.


I think it’s probably 1/6, as heretofore I haven’t seen tie boots on a 1/12 Russian figure.

Also looks like a likely re-release of the PSS silent Makarov from the St. Petersburg Alfa release if you zoom in on the sidearm, which would be really handy.

You can also see light through the side vents on the SVD flash suppressor in the fourth photo,

Good eye and @Scrib and me hustled to get one in the first place. Good call @AdamC to wait.

Luckily, looks like 1/6 to me too.

I would definitely say it’s 1/6 as look at the boots too - 1/12 they don’t (as far as I am aware) use real laces yet. I love the look on this Russian too. Awesome looking camo. Squad build coming up! lol

Is that a Walther pistol in his right thigh holster?

Yep, for sure, it’s 1/6 version… never seen 1/12 boots with laces, all 1/12 figures are with molded shoes-boots… :blush:

I think he looks 1/12th because a) the angle of the photograph and b) the head looks hella small

Agreed on the detail though. Can’t wait for all these loose parts. I am SO SICK of searching high and low for parts like the SSO Partizan Harness, or Defender-2s in M81, Gorka’s in the “SS” pattern, etc… and only finding them in 1/12th.

I come back to this topic on occasion to check out the AKM and SVD and will them into existence - the DAM-produces-them-and-gets-them-into-our-hands existence.

As far as lucrative parts go, this guy also appears to have the 78070S exclusive PBS-1 suppressor tucked away in a pouch strapped to his left thigh. Not sure if I’ll need any more of those as I currently have more of them than I do the 78070/S AKMS (five to four!), but looks like we’re getting more regardless.

I have two 78071F PSS pistols as well and given that it’s such a specialty weapon with no accessories or different ways to configure it, I shouldn’t need any more of them.

Of course, DAM could always split this into two figures, ditch the PBS-1 to keep it exclusive, or do the same with the PSS and swap it for a Makarov for the final product :roll_eyes:

Just so long as the AKM and the older-model SVD see the light of day…

Announcement has just been made:

DAMTOYS 1/6 Armed Forces of the Russian Federation