SHCC 2018 26th - 28th October

Let’s see what they’re bringing. I am solely interested into the DAM exclusive and MCToys, should they come with more Russians. I still remember this winter soldier from a year ago or so.

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Soldier Story will preview their exclusive figure next week. Funnily they are not mentioned in the picture above!

Probably a wrestler with alternate army/vampire costumes. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was their HK CTRU figure. I’ll be surprised (pleasantly so) if they do a western forces figure.

I would love that. Any westerner or police force is welcome too!

Please, no. I don’t want that SIG 516 to be attached to an expo exclusive!

LMFAO…and yet…I suppose that’s possible.

Indeed. We’ve seen them go to the extreme of extremes.

SHCC looks like a bust for DAM unless they are hiding anything new for another day.