SHCC 2018 Military Figures

Thanks to Optimus at BBICN we have some photos from the show of various figures from the military brands


Jackal X

Soldier Story


Head is from another brand. Hopefully this is actually released as a male figure.

This summed up the show for me:


Soldier Story

1:12 keeps getting pushed with Soldier Story in on the act. To me these still seem badly overpriced, made as an excuse to keep pushing up prices on 1:6 figures to fund all these weird dalliances into bizarre products.

I’m not impressed by any of these really except for those Jackal X figures which are out of my purview anyway.

Pretty much the same. Other than the one CTRU figure and that SuperMCtoys figure (if male) the rest feels bland. DAM’s History line has gone downhill after a strong first offering.

Here are some additional photos from Jazz over at BBICN:

I saved some of these pic, too to uploa, when AF is back, but you came first :wink:

I didn’t have the MCToys picture though. Hope the Zenitka stock AK will be a future release, as North Battalion seems to be dead!

I also like pretty much all the other figures, except for the 1/12 ones. SS has two CTRUs from HK the SDU diver and a nice rifle that comes with the exoskeleton. Considering this was the SHCC and not the Hobby Expo, I was positively surprised about what they previewed to be honest.

Two more pics from DAM

And some more from SuperMCToys, but except for the first two these seem to be old releases, showcasing some head sculpts.

Yeah they are just old releases with head sculpts from another brand since they were just gear sets originally. They would probably do ok if they were re-released to be honest as their distribution outside of China on those sets was terrible. They would have to fix the issue with the rubber they used on the altyn helmet radio port though, that is made of some weird chemical composition that can cause any painted surfaces it touches to turn into goo. Some of the materials these companies use could probably be re purposed as chemical weapons. :laughing:

Are those older pattern US troops in the urban grey black digital camo USMC MOUT from back in the day?

Firstly thanks to all taking these photo’s & uploading them. Nice to see this stuff. Was going to ask what is the skateboard figure all about (including that camo) you have answered my questions thanks.

No Military Brits dam! I know have a police in tactical which will be purchased and added to the SAS line up for E&S. Figure with blue helmet has interesting camo, presume its Chinese military on UN duty? Maybe a purchase, Overall some nice stuff but not a lot that has my wallet opening up - probably just get parts.

1/12 stuff: I have pre-ordered a few. Want to get them in hand to see what quality is like. I collect various scale action figures - my only remits for purchase is make it interesting, make it well & sensible pricing. Cross fingers on the 1/12 stuff.

Does this mean these uniforms are not been re-released?

I was really hoping to see the Gorka suits and SMERSH rigs again, would certainly buy several if they were. I wish manufacturers realized the kind of $ they could be making if they released certain uniforms and gear (those two for example) as carded sets. It would be awesome if they did.

It’s this company. Never heard of them before: Face Pool Figure.

It’s like the opposite ends of the spectrum; outmoded urban camo and MILES gear on one end, and ExoWarriors on the other. Glass half full take: There will be some who want them.
Glass bone dry take: 15 + years on, and feckin’ zero Canadian modern troops.
I keep thinking E&S might chuck us a bone.

A wise manufacturer rep once told me when you own your own company you are far better offer making what your customers want to see rather than what you personally want to see. I can’t help but feel some of what is responsible for all of these other forays into other product categories is a result of brands not actually paying attention to what the actual people who buy the product are wanting. When A doesn’t work, rather than going to XYZ it pays to fix what is wrong with A. The current approach seems to be a combination of scatter-gun, retread, and most annoyingly, copycat. There is a reason why some figures still remain in stock with brands/distributors 5-10 years later.

I really want that Smersh rig and AK-104. I also think SuperMCToys should consider a rerelease of their Vant Shield FSB operator, as he had a bunch of novel gear (unique dropleg holster, molle Defender vest etc.)

I would be surprised if they did as they haven’t re-released any of their previous products and that factory is busy churning new products regularly under the dozens of brand names they use. At the various trade shows it is very common for brands to show off their old catalog of products.

The carded set thing just doesn’t work that great these days based on what distributors want to make and just the costs of moving relatively low volumes of product around. After they take their pound of flesh and you factor in logistics costs the price points become quite high. Case in point the MCToys VANT shield that was released standalone was parted out at $14.99-$19.99. As a boxed/carded set that became $39.99-$49.99 which was almost half of the original set. Distributors often want to make more than the retailer does so it makes selling lower priced accessories unpalatable for brands. Gear sets like SuperMCToys usually does are a good compromise and something I would like to see more of. The extra weight of bodies and heads along with the extra packing they require account for a good chunk of money. Whichever brand targets that space and offers a compelling price point is going to clean up in this hobby given the shenanigans going on with figure pricing these days.