SHCC 2018 Military Figures


I really wish MC would rerelease their tan Female Shooter set from…2012 - 2014-ish. That was very difficult to find and I did not pull the trigger fast enough.


The rereleased the vest under a different brand (Fire Girl) and I know at one points the pants were available in various colors.


More from Soldier Story




















That RPD is INCREDIBLE. I have been waiting for one in sixth scale for quite a while. Let’s hope it sees production.


The most interesting thing to me is the UFPro Striker XT uniform on one of the Soldier Story Police operators. But am i the only one who thinks that the headsculpts on the DAM Nam figures look ridiculously small? like shrink heads…


Snap - I though weird black magic going on - “how small is that head”. Cross fingers its just bad photo (wrong angle) & poor pose.


It’s not you, some of their 1/12 scaling has been terrible. They look like pinheads. I’ve noticed that DAM’s sculptors often struggle with proper scale when they move outside of 1/6 male head sculpts. Some of their female heads have been comically bad as well.


Count me in for another guy who thinks those DAM Nam heads are all out of proportion.

The PLA light machine gunner’s uniform and winter hat look like what Soldier Story use on their early “heroic truck driver” figure.


Looking forward to the Operation Red Wings Luttrell figure. Although I just noticed the figure is left handed, meaning they’re doing the Mark Wahlberg movie version? Oh well, guess I’ll have to wait for the reveal to make up my mind.


Looks like the Luttrell / Wahlberg Version. Strange that they bring out this figure years after the movie. The Dam Toys Version was not very accurate. Soldier Story has tried to use the equipment and patches like in the movie. The helmet was only used during the extraction scene by helicopter. Hopefully they will add the custom short brim boonie too.


Blu-Tack :smile:


helps in every situation. Also to secure your stand by a boarding mission. This is the new hi-tech top secret stuff to board a ship with pirates. No wet flor will stop anymore. :smile::smile::smile:


Must be the 5th gen body that has blu-tack for enhanced posing. I actually wouldn’t mind if someone put rare earth magnets integrated into the feet. After all the majority of the world’s supply of those are in China, seems natural.


great idea. So they could board a ship without a rope or ladder. Just walk up at the ship wall :smile:.


Like spiderpig?


I’d be happy if they just stood without falling over. Since retailers want to sell guns at $50-100 we will definitely need to rethink this whole posing thing. What next? Sell “fall” insurance? Safety cables for your rifles? In all seriousness it would be nice to have some kind of minimalist option to secure a figure. You can buy various flat/thin rare earth magnets, but I don’t feel like unlacing dozens of boots to retrofit. 1/6 laces = pure evil.


Yes, but you have to clean the feet before to avoid telltale traces :smile:


It would be nice if all manufactures would provide a simple Figure stand with every product. Soldier Story is doing that since years. So the Figure can stand secure in an easy pose. Only other solution would be something like blue-tac. Still better than the crash from the shelf or showcase.


This can be very frustrating. I have done this with many Vietnam Jungle boots from ACE. Its a pain in the a…


I never really noticed before, but where is this ZenitKa AK from?