SICARIO - Day of the Soldado


I saw it this morning, on the strength of the first film (The writer, and a number of the actors having returned). There’s a bit of bushwa out there about it being disappointing, compared to the original. Also, debate as to whether the story is a sequel, a prequel, or an opener to further films - who cares…

I enjoyed it, never had a WTF moment, or any fidgety-inducing segments. The acting, dialogue, soundtrack, and action carries the story right along. Some of this ground’s been covered before (the first ‘Sicario’, ‘Clear and Present Danger’, to name a couple), but these are real world possibilities, if not occurrences.
Basically, I liked it…a LOT.

Which brings me to the subject of how this/these film/films would slot right into the hobby. We talk a lot about re-purposed components, but I’d personally be fine with that, if an outfit like DAM launched some figures based on ‘Sicario’ characters.

A lot of previously released figures would suffice for the CAG guys from the first film, but I’d really enjoy the gunfighters from the task force, which would salve the pain of the poor coverage of the GRS guys from ‘13 Hours’.

Just a coinkydink, but there’s images of a boxed disc set for ‘Soldado’. They caught my eye during an Google search, and for a second, I wondered if DAMToys had already jumped on the idea.

A guy can dream…


I’m down for some sicario figures.


As I stated in another post I absolutely love the first film. Really, really looking forward to this one as well. Glad to hear that the new director didn’t screw anything up. From what I’ve read they’re really trying to get Emily Blunt back for the third movie, I guess provided this does well at the box office.


I can’t wait to see it!!! Thanks Mike!!!


Looks like Seok-won Jin is all over this. He already did the head sculpt for Benicio’s character and now looks like Josh Brolin’s too. His work is a little on the expensive side though.:sob:


Those are both awesome. Very impressive head sculpts and bashes.


i agree ive not understood why we havnt seen a 13 hours based fig or figures. Although you can bash one with whats out there for sure but would dig to have a Chris Pronto fig
e&s GRS guys and their SMU tier one figs could work well for those bashes
loved the first movie and cant wait to see the new one
AND one day i shall own a Jin brolin and deltoro sculpt one day lol


Not highly accurate, but close


Nice job!!! For the Sicario figure?


No, I had the UMP just ready as a custom piece, but was never satisfied with any scope attached. Then I remembered @Murakami 's thread and added the perfectly matching SRS after seeing the del Toro pic again.


Having seen it recently I’d have to agree. Some of the early previews I saw made it seem a bit less edgy in tone but that definitely wasn’t the case. It’s meant to be a trilogy of films, but neither of the later films as sequels, just stories with the same characters.


As I just typed to Adam, just finished watching the movie. I’m sorta at a loss for words. What an awesome flick! Can’t really say one bad thing about the film. I absolutely love that signature track that they have for the films. I was watching a “making of” short docu about the first one and they said that they were going for a “Jaws” type sound with that sense of foreboding and genuine fear. Boy I do hope they make a third installment, as was the original plan for the movies.


My only complaint albeit a small one was that those were not uparmored humvee’s…


Just finished watching Soldado. I really enjoyed it and I feel it’s up there with the first one. Benicio delivers another great performance. After the ending it’s good to know another is already in the works.