SIG 552C MOD unknown brand

This is the only weapon in my colledtion I have no idea about what manufacturer it was made by. Probably sitting here for more than a year already, but I might be finally finished with this project. Only the mag could be subjected to change one day, so it looks like in the pic below.

With mine I attached a rail taken from the SS081 Mk46 MG I once destroyed in the process of modding.

I also forced the SIG rifle open, which consists of two molded sides and got lucky that nothing broke or got damaged. This way I custom built a rail/mechanism inside the gun to have a working charging handle. It’s not going backwards all the way like the real counterpart, however that would have required me to cut out the fine black line which is located left and on the same height of the handle/knob of the charging handle and replace it with some rubber like material.

For the moment, the Lancer L5 mag from ES provides the best fit and look.

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Looks real good chpo, nice work.

Nice work chpo! I have that same piece in my own collection, albeit with a full RAS handguard similar to the first pic above.

Did you mod it or is it a part from a different rifle? Would like to see some images.

This was actually one of my very first custom weapon builds back in 2012. See the original thread ay OSW here:

Now that I have better tools and have refined my skills somewhat since then, I wouldn’t mind taking another crack at her.

I later went on to build a custom SIG-551 complete with a Surefire M500 handguard. See original thread on OSW here:

I have another SIG-551 in the stash which I plan to mod to adf a grenade launcher, but that project is for another day.

Nice work, unfortunately I can’t see any of your 553 images.
Would you have them on hand to post here?

Hmmm… that’s weird. I can view them on my phone, but not on my laptop. This is quite an old build (2012), so I will need to do a little hunting for the pics in an old external hard drive before I can share. I don’t have the piece with me; it is in storage on a different continent. I’ll get back to you on this.

There’s a blast from the past :+1:

Second link is all good, but first one only displays the real weapon, not your mod. Checked now on my laptop and phone.
If you could track it down, would be awesome.

By the way, where did you get the mag for your 551? Trying to track down one of these for yeas now. Is the whole rifle InToyz? Looks a bit like Medicom GSG-9 as well.