Sig Mcx series

I don’t know how much some of the manufacturers pay attention to this page but I really hope someone like E&S does an mcx rifle line up including lvaw variants, just played through the new COD and the House clearing missions with the rattler are some of the coolest levels in a console ever I think. I’ll update pics tomorrow but I’ve created a crude lvaw using e&s sig mcx and cutting the flash suppressor off and inserting a suppressor into the shroud, it fits well enough but I’d still like different stock options and an mlok shroud instead of the keymod

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I can’t wait to see that! I’ve watched the walkthroughs and it does look unreal. Almost Zero Dark Thirty level of realism and tension.

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Best CoD mission in years IMO.

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It is this ?

I have the same idea @Woody, to make a kitbash of Captain Price, inspired from COD Modern Warfare.

Easy & Simple have lot of the loose parts for the gear.

You can use the HS from DID SAS.

But which kind of SIG he uses ?

It’s a combination of these ?

It’s nice to see someone else who recognizes the need for more MCX love. I’m just waiting for the lvaw for my NSWDG breacher kitbash. I’ve chosen to get an MP7 from very cool until that comes out, instead of buying and customizing an existing MCX. Btw, I also know that there’s a custom MCX from the store you found those images from that has the osprey suppressor. That’s the closest one that looks like Price’s gun.

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I don’t find it. Perhaps a pic @weskerfan5690 ?

I know exactly which one you’re talking about, I used a surefire suppressor though, I had to dremmel out the inside a bit tro get it to slide further down the barrel even after removing the flash suppressor, it was a tough decision hacking up a new rifle like that but I’m liking how it turned out

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That is the mission I’m talking about axi, it’s pretty intense but totally awesome, especially on a 65 inch tv with surround sound, in nv mode it’s incredible just how real things look and the lvaw irl almost sounds Hollywood quiet

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That HS is long gone…I mean long, long gone. If I were to guess…that HS is worth over $100. I sold mine on ebay several years ago for about $75.

Keep searching though…I got one of these HS for $37 shipped a few months ago…


The hand guard is too long for my liking, so I’ll wait for the proper rifle.

Concerning the custom one that you made, how was it’s length, compared to other guns like the MP7? I ask because I’m considering doing what you did and making my own LVAW, until a proper one comes out. On that note, exactly what was your process?

It came out slightly shorter than the 416 9.5 inch barrel with a suppressor on it, my process was cutting the flash hider off the barrel then estimated the barrel diameter then drilled out the suppressor some so it would slide far enough down, it should almost touch the gas block going off pics of the lvaw

Capts prices gun was actually an hk 433 and the gun your character has if actually the Mcx rattler although I like the looks of the lvaw more than the rattler even though I don’t know how you could do an aggressive grip on one since like 4 inches of suppressor are right below the hand guard and suppressors put off a lot of heat, I know in real life it sucks just holding my ar’s handguard after a few magazines

I’ll have to check and compare the length of the real 416 and LVAW, but your method does seem rather promising so far. I was going to buy that GWG MP7 that was announced recently as a stand-in for the LVAW until a proper one comes out. But your faux-LVAW might be a better stand-in. So thank you.

I forgot to mention this in my last response, but my main apprehensions about the rifle lay in its use of keymod. A system which my experiences with have been been poor. On the E & S rifle that I had(the range day one), the picatinny rails provided could not stay on the handguard at all. I am aware that that rifle was one of their earlier designs. Have E&S improved their keymod rails since then?

I don’t know about their earlier models but the ones on mine seemed to hold about as well as the mlok shrouds do, although I definitely wish e&s would do an mlok shroud for the mcx, I’ve never really liked the look of keymod

The few I have used haven’t been a problem. If anything I sometimes file their add on rails to be a tad tight regardless of the system and a set of pin vise drills comes in handy when you don’t want to over stress the rail when putting in a stubborn rail segment.

Thank you for your input.


I followed your process, and here’s the results.