SIG MCX with SIG Suppressor

Hi to all,

i wanted a E&S SIG MCX with suppressor like the Polish GROM is using. After some work the last days i finished the conversion today. I will have to straighten the Rail of the handguard. These are two parts like the real handguard. That will be an easy fix. I will add the attachment parts like aimpoint, grip etc. in the next step. I have to paint the suppressor and will add a camo paint job with my airbrush to get the GROM look. Hope you like it.
GROM MCX Version

E&S 26017 SIG MCX Original

E&S 26017 SIG MCX with suppressor

Resin copy from LVAW suppressor



Looking good so far Col.Braddock! Are you going to switch out the stock and grip as well? Both are available in scale…

  • The stock can obviously be sourced from the E&S LVAW
  • The pistol grip is similar to the LMT ergo grip released on multiple E&S rifles (L129A1, L129A2, various HK416’s, recce rifle)
  • Even the vertical grip can be made, or at least closely approximated. It is very similar to the Zenitco PK-0 released on various DAM AKs

I look forward to seeing more progress on this.

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Hi turkeyshot,

thank you, i have the mentioned parts ready for use. The optic looks like an aimpoint with lens covers. Also E&S has done this. I have this too from the GWG SAS Figure. The vertical grip looks like an combination of the Zenitco with an older AR-15 grip. Can be done for sure i think ;-).

Just to help you on this project I believe the foregrip is actually a Keymod Sig Sauer vertical foregrip. I have no idea if it’s available in scale but just thought to help out a little.

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Hello Pherocosmo,

thank you for your input. I know these two avaiable in 1/6:



I would need this one:

I am not really sure to switch these parts too. I am happy with the silencer at all but i think the change of the stock and pistol grip for example would be cool looking. I have try to remove the pistol grip and it comes off very easy. So that is allready done ;-).

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Looking forward to seeing the updated pics

At the weekend ;-). I will add the different stock and pistol grib. The Aimpoint, Laser and light will come too. I think i will keep the vertical grip. Il ike this one and it fits very well.

Update: added different stock, Laser, pistol grip and a new round mag


Nice work CB! Now I am eager to see your paint job and see how close you can get it to your reference pic

Me too, me too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. The airbrush is ready. First time i will try to do a more complex camo scheme.
Pistol grib, front grip, stock and magazine will be black. I think this will be a good contrast.


That sounds cool dude. I reckon it’s gunna look great, good luck with it mate. :+1: