SIG Next Generation Squad Weapons

Filming of a new weapon from the SIG company, which enters service with the US Armed Forces: SIG Next Generation Squad Weapons caliber 6.8 mm.
Initial tests of the XM5 and XM250 took place at the 37th shooting range of the John F. Kennedy School and Center for Special Operations, where military personnel from various special forces usually train.
Armament will include the XM157 Fire Control Optics, which has an integrated laser rangefinder, ballistic computer, visible and infrared lasers, and a compass.
This optic is made by Vortex Optics.
The contract amounts are still small and include only 29,046 units for 2023, but the budget can still be revised in any direction.


Should I continue trying to put together an MK48, or wait for either this Sig MG or the KAC AMG to come out? Hopefully I should be able to put a laser device on the top rail with those.


Now that the regular Army switches to a new caliber, I wonder what the Tier 1 guys are going to go for?
300 Blackout? Or jump on the band wagon?
That SIG is another short stroke piston rifle, right?
No DI for the grunts? I had the feeling that there was a comeback of DI systems after the obvious problems with the HK 416, at least with the CAG/DEVGRU guys.

I would imagine they’d be sticking with 5.56 for the most part. They’ve always had the option to switch to a new caliber and have chosen not to. My understanding of their use of .300 is that it’s only in specific circumstances.

I’m far from an expert in any of this, so I’m happy to be corrected.

Also worth considering is that guys like Delta aren’t using the same 5.56 ammunition as the big army. I wonder if by using a ‘hotter’ round they mitigate some of the issues that the NGSW was trying to solve.

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I think the the special operations groups will continue using the 5.56’s, their engagement ranges are typically closer and the 6.8 is for body armor penetration at range, besides, the 5.56 is lighter and I’m sure special operations are still gonna be involved more in low intensity conflicts against unarmored foes

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For a moment there I thought this is the latest weapon set promo from E&S :grinning:


If they release those guns, I’m definitely all in! :wink:

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