SIG Rattler awarded USSOCOM Commercial Personal Defense Weapon contract

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As you may remember, SIG had been supplying upper conversion kits previously but now will be supplying complete Rattler rifles, in 5.56 and 300blk. Suppressors have changed to the SL series from the former SRD. Individual suppressors aren’t identified, but perhaps the SLX for 556 and SLH for 300blk.

556 and 300blk handguards


This is currently my most desired 1/6 weapon. Not so many reference pictures out there, but hopefully that will start to change if they are going to be more widely fielded.

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Some Rattler related accessories that look like they were in use in the UK. Rattler was developed by SIG per SAS requirements.

ANR Design Rattler Low Vis Retention Clamp.

Developed for a Tier 1 Unit in the UK, NSN assigned 1005-01-694-7493.

ANR Design ANVL RMR UKON mount is also NSN assigned 1005-01-694-7490.


That’s one serious sidearm. What a hoodie, too.

lol, I didn’t even notice the hoodie till you mentioned it. That is some serious firepower for concealed carry though.