Site Maintenance Update

Just as a heads up I’m currently troubleshooting a number of issues with the latest software update to the forum. The site will be up and down and may be quite buggy while I work on resolving some of the compatibility issues the latest update has caused. You may wish to hold off on any larger posts for the moment to avoid the loss of your post in the event I need to restore to an older backup.


A number of the major conflicts are now resolved. Some plugins that add additional functionality to the site may still have some remaining kinks as the latest forum software update broke compatibility with a number of plugins. If you encounter any difficulties feel free to reply here.


Might be my fault, Adam…
Yesterday was my BD, and I experienced
_ several website purchase fails on my phone (I moved on)

_ My LT had no wireless conns when I started it (found the fix after some looking)

_ Got home last night, and Roku had knocked Toonami Aftermath off my queue
( It is a bit of a legal outlier, and Roku has been getting oppressive)

Then I found this, this AM…

Rolling on, and thanks for the shepherding of our merry band !!!

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Thanks Adam, for your hard work in keeping the best 1/6 site on the net up and running :clap:

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What ever the issues are, you have got some of them back in order now. Awesome stuff.

The issues with the Review have been sorted and fixed. Luckily I didn’t lose the whole thing, and only had to refresh the draft and finish from where the system did it’s update.

Great work sir, and thanks for carrying that torch.


Thanks Adam for running this great site! :+1: