SMG HK G28 Rifle Sets





Patrol M320




Patrol + M320


Oh now that is sweet! Great additions for my German figures.

The G28 looks great! Very close match to the configuration on HK’s G28 product page, save the suppressor.

Yeah, that’s a B&T Rotex I believe. Can’t wait to grab these.

Finally, a G28 with the desired scope from the HK website. Let’s see if these actually get released or are experiencing the same fate as the North Battalion AKs. Positive thing about these is they seem to have a prototype already and don’t only rely on virtual 3D models to show off their product. I would be in for all 3 of them!

I have to say this teaser is one of the best rifle sets in 2019. The G28 is sth I wanted for years now. Is there finally some innovation on the way? ES has always the “potential” to deliver satisfying items.

We’ll see what comes of them. The post about them got disappeared. That post had mentioned ES, and the stand and the samples match up with that as well. I had wondered why they hadn’t tackled this before hiven they had already done some of the components.

Well, that’s promissing :smile:

Good call, the comment of yours last year

Could you actually move the cheek piece on the older ES rifles already?

Vertically (other side doesn’t have a horizontal track) and the buttpad can be pulled back a bit.

Looks awesome. Opens up new options for KSK, SEK, GSG9, RPIMA, Portuguese, etc…

Very nice!

I had actually planned to custom build a G28, based on the E&S HK-417 in the pic below. This release will save me a lot of effort.

… as well as a HK-416A5 with a M320 launcher, based on the E&S weapon in the pic below. I may still make this, albeit with one of the M320 launchers from this set (will save a lot of time on fiddly paintwork).

Added the official photos. Easy Simple confirmed as the OEM.

You getting them in?

Waiting to see how their product is going to be distributed. Hopefully Easy Simple will handle that for them.

Definitely want to get my hands on these. Please keep us posted Adam.

I have the HK417 from the Easy & Simple 26012 Figure and the cheek piece is moveable. Also the height is adjustable.

I’m left with more questions than answers after viewing the short video.

Are these being marketed as boutique collectibles? Well, more than sixth scale stuff already is.

Is the display case really necessary? It will only add to the package/shipping size and weight. Does it really need to have a stainless steel plaque?

Do these come with any accessories like magazines or extra rail panels?

Display is bothering me as well for the same reasons.
No part list provided, but we can see at least one normal and a display mag although I would prefer having a complete set of mags for a proper load out.

It looks like they have either scrapped the display stand or they are offering a seperate version without the stand now.

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Would be the best decision ever made. Can’t wait for these and hope they are doing well to introduce more overdue rifle systems. Although I remain sceptical first of all, as these are kind of easy to pull off considering the base was already laid out by ES.

Any MSRP and release date now?

Only one grenade provided per rifle :weary:

Nice, that should definitely help the price point. Hopefully now they’ll be around $35-40 like E&S’s releases are.