SMG HK416A7 teaser

SMG posted this on bbicn. Looks like they plan to offer standard-length and long-barrel HK416A7s. Hopefully these will be priced more reasonably than their G28s.

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This brand is shaping up nicely.

If they can keep prices down, yeah!

I hope they learned from the G28 release…did anyone want the edition with a display case? More accurately, did an appreciable number of consumers want the edition with the display case compared to consumers who wanted the case-less edition (that was similar to a standard E&S boxed weapon set)?

Just seemed like kind of a baffling marketing decision to me.

Display stand version was basically the more expensive luxury edition with less gear. Hope so too that this taught them a lesson how this market works and what collectors expect.
Also good to see that SMG won’t remain a one-hit-wonder as I was impressed by the G28s.
Price was high, but worth it to me for. However, no need to keep it that way or raise.

Are these in use by any US units? I hear that CAG and DEVGRU are trying out new rifles as replacements for their 416s, and I imagine that a newer variant like this would probably be in the running.

HK is on the way out. Noveske and KAC rifles are what are being tested.

Interesting. Could HK not adapt to the demands of this particular customer base adequately enough?

There seems to be a movement back to DI based models now. The HK’s had problems with various suppressors and upper receivers failing prematurely.

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Darn, I guess I have to buy at least three of whatever weapon they end up choosing, if I want my kitbashes to be up to date.

Well that’s cool. KSK have adopted it to replace their G36’s so I can use it on one of those figures.

Would the 3D printed kac urx rail be appropriate to try and make this rifle or is that rail too outdated?

You would need a URX 4 MLOK in CQB length.

Ok thanks, the one I saw I believe is a 13.5 for a 14.5 barrel

Here is a visual reference for you.

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I’m going with the urx 3.1 since the 4 doesn’t exist yet and it’s accurate enough I think

I’m going with this as a base, gonna have to repaint a few things and change the muzzle and it should work ok, gonna go with the usual peq and surefire and an Aimpoint micro t1 for the optic

There are also rumors that the HK416A5, an updated version of the 416D that’s currently in use, is among the contenders.

They also come with a silly display, but who needs that!

Funnily, the accessory sets are now called exclusive. They should probably scratch the displays completely in order ro sell more and save on the price.

Oh that is nice! Will definitely have to pick up one of the 14.5 in versions.