SMG M110A1 CSASS teaser

Yet another silhouette teaser from SMG on bbicn. This’ll be the HK-manufactured M110 successor.

These two silhouettes seem identical to me? I am guessing one will come in black and one in RAL8000 or similar.

Suppressor seems to be a new model, and they appear to have some kind of canted sight mounted below the scope.

I wonder why they are bringing two teasers in a row. Maybe they are planning to release both at the same time.

I also wonder if it’s worth it getting HK licenses for all their sets and how it will reflect on the asking price.

Is CAG using this new rifle, or are they still sticking with their ar-10 pattern rifles? If so, then I’ll get one of these new ones, provided that they come in black.

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Hmm, E&S just put out one with their PSD Chief figure. Be interesting to see the differences.

You do know Easy & Simple manufactures SMG sets, just like how they do for us at General’s Armoury right.

That being said, i assume some new molds were made for this, so i expect some crisp and nice weapons :smiley:

Maybe there will be one Version with Display stand and a normal Version. I just know photos from the M110A1 in RAL colors. So i don’t know photos in black Version. But who knows…

Yeah, I didn’t see any pics with a black finish either. That’s a good guess regarding the display stand. If so, I’ll only need one!

Yes of course I’m aware. Just thought it odd that SMG is doing a weapon that has just been released, albeit with a figure.

I believe the weapon in question from 26030B is an HK417 mocked up to resemble the M110A1. It has the forward assist on the upper receiver - the M110A1 lacks a forward assist and has the bowed trigger guard and ambidextrous fire selector characteristic of newer HK rifles. The M110A1 also has a flash hider compatible with the OSS suppressor - the 26030B rifle, weirdly enough, has the FN Mk.20 SSR flash hider and its unique Surefire suppressor - I’m not sure the threading on the 417 barrel can accept that flash hider?

That Geissele M-LOK handguard definitely evokes the M110A1, as that is what it’s issued with.

Ahh, ok Scrib, so it’s a quasi M110A1 then. It didn’t come with the backup iron sights like the ones in the outline appear to show. Looks like I’ll have to pickup one of these as well since the E&S one isn’t completely accurate.

To me it seems kind of a waste since they just did a 417, I don’t see why they didn’t do a 416 or that new rifle Germany adopted over the 433

Eh, personal preference definitely comes into play here, but this is the U.S. Army’s new version of the M110 and it is different enough from E&S’s previous HK417s, so I’ll want to pick one up.

I wonder how long it will take for a company to produce the Haenel Mk556? I think HK is appealing the decision…don’t know how successful they’ll be.

I was saying smg just did a 417 platform, their g28. As for hk appealing I, I don’t think they deserve it after them covering up the issues with the g36’s for years and offering no solution

I think it’d be really cool if they did a series of nationally-themed weapon sets - sort of reminiscent of older DML sets, or the DAM Kriss Vector kits - such as:

  • British (L85, L129 (DMR) and Glock 17)
  • French (Famas or SCAR-L, Hécate II and Glock 17)
  • German ( Haenel MK 556 or G36, MG4 and USP)
  • Canadian (C7A2, C14 Timberwolf and Browning Hi-Power)
  • Russian (AK-12, PKM and MP-443 Grach)

… as well as a set of webbing or plate carrier to along with the weapons. Just a pipe dream of mine…

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I am waiting for that as well, but I guess tooling cost would be to high and interest too low, as people usually collect certain eras or units.

Otherwise, please add a PP-19 Bizon and AN-94 to Russia. A P7 and G3 in variations to Germany. Several AUGs and SIG552/556 to Switzerland and Austria. Maybe FAL to Belgium.

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Hoo boy. I’d get an AN-94 in 1:6, no question, but that weapon has some ISSUES.

I don’t know if any units are even using them any more. They may have retained it in their armories (to collect dust?), but it’s my understanding that the complicated recoil counter-balance system makes the gun a nightmare to maintain/clean in the field. Sluggish handling and balancing outweigh the advantage of the two-round burst option.

That would be awesome indeed, but I shudder to think what companies would charge for two primaries and a sidearm in an accessory set. E&S believes that ~$40 - $45 = a primary, attachments, mags, and webbing OR a sidearm. Gone are the days of the $12.99ish MSRP DML carded weapon set.

As @AdamC has told me, the current 1:6 climate has made weapon sets less feasible than figure sets.

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Absolutely, I totally get why newly-tooled standalone weapon sets - especially at the detail level that finnicky collectors (like myself) expect - aren’t feasible in most cases. I just can’t help but wish!

On the AN-94 note - a ridiculously expensive weapon created at the perfectly wrong moment in history, when the new Russian Federation was totally broke and couldn’t afford to buy or produce any. I wish it existed in 1/6th

An AN-94 would be cool but I’d rather see some of the newer AK’s being worked on like the AK-12, RPK-16, etc, or a much needed (imho) updated PKP tricked out with Zenitco’s products.

At least, no one could be upset by a slanted mag. Comes as a standard with it :smile: