SMG MR308 Rifle Sets






These are cool looking sets, though I wish they were also being released in a darker color scheme as well. The MR-308 is the civilian market variant of the HK417 right?

Yes it’s the commercial market version, although it has been seen in use with various forces including the Russians (prior model of MR308).

You getting them? Want 4 please.

They are sexy and they know it… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

These are looking great. Unfortunately also quite expensive.

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They are nice to add, but no must. However, I need them all, but hopefully, they will go a different route after these. Shiny 416/417 style rifles are milked enough by now.

Yes, they’re nice, but that’s about it.
Glad, I’m not a gun collector, so I’ll just pass and save some money for more figures… :grin:


Not sure yet. Their oversized packaging means they take up twice as much space compared to an ES weapon set which drives up shipping costs. Between the extra costs due to that and sky high courier rates (double at the moment for things like this) at the moment it really drives the price of the sets up.

Someone should tell them, but they are not very responsive on FB