Sneak Preview of ES26045 Tier 1 SMU XII The RECCE Element

ES says: something old something new


So I would say ES gives us a Midwest Industries MLOK handguard and a new night sight! :blush:

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At least E&S knows how to keep these rifles interesting. Thought M4 and 416 is by now milked to death.

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Interesting. I am courios about the associated Figure or this is just a 416 weapon set release. However, we get a new handgrip, new rail risr, new suppressor (left one) and a new handgrip, new handguard, new rail risr and a new frontgrip with the right one if i am not wrong.

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The number 26045 indicates a boxed figure not a weapon set.


Can anybody identify the night sight?

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Yes but a new scope like an ATACR would have been nice too!

That riser is also included with 26043B in black, but I think this is the first time they’ve done a tanodized version.

I was hoping they’re re-doing/updating 26031A & B, but it seems they’re revisiting 26030A. Rifles look great, can’t wait for the full reveal.

Oh man, E&S is apparently set on bringing about my financial ruin in the nearest future… They have to stop!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh they are just toying with DEVGRU fans like me, announcing both Noveske rifles and 416s with new rails. While the DI guns look nice to be sure, the link between Tier 1 units and 416s is just too entrenched in my mind for me to simply abandon them for some M4s, which I’ve hitherto viewed as belonging to “vanilla” SOF units, whilst the varsity guys, the “Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked” get 416s. Besides, from what I’ve heard on Devtsix, CAG is still sticking with their 416s instead of the SR16s they’ve been trialing along with other rifles as replacements for it. Of the 12 tier 1 figures I plan to make 5 will have 5.56 rifles, of which 3 are CAG. So it makes more sense go to with 5 416s, 5 LVAWs, an M110, and an MK48/46 than 3 416s and 2 N4s. I am however, considering another option that would split the difference. I’d still get the 416s, but not exactly the D variant that is most common. What I would instead do is get several 416A5s, a more refined version that addresses some of the short comings of the D version, and which was one of the options that CAG is/was supposedly considering as their next main rifle, then swap the slim handguards onto the A5’s 11.5” barrels. Though my CAG sniper uses a 14.5” version, so I’m not sure whether I should stay long or go shorter.

Ooh nice. Think I would have preferred an SR25 for a recce figure, but I’m looking forward to the reveal regardless.

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