Snow falling on the Forum.....

just to say that this little effect is very nice for these last days of 2019 … :blush: :blush:


Special Winter Edition :+1: :santa:

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Remains on the ground for some time, before it’s melting.

Now i have seen it too :smile:. No Pixel damage :laughing: Looks great.

This is neat. :smile: :snowman_with_snow:

Yeah, cool effect. I likes it. :slight_smile:

So agree, need to make a hot chocolate whilst reading comments :santa:

Great! I love it! :santa:

and now we get Christmas hats too :upside_down_face: :+1:. Great done.

Really nice effects! For an instant, the snowflakes had me thinking there was something wrong with my eyes…:sunglasses:

Maybe if we are lucky the winter theme will act as a good luck charm and we will see the release of SS109. I can confirm no pixels were harmed in the process of implementing this. :laughing:

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Let’s hope so… Maybe they’ll do a special edition with a Santa Claus hat and a reindeer :wink::joy:

Love the festive mood.