СОБР Гранит (SOBR "Granit" - St Petersburg) Competition Loadout, 2016

Hello all, here’s the latest Spetsnaz figure I’ve been working on. It’s meant to represent a SOBR operator taking part in one of the many Spetsnaz competitions that take place in Russia. He’s equipped for urban ops and wears a British-issued CBRN suit with rappelling harness.

Formerly under the MVD, SOBR units (Quick Reaction Special Unit - sort of like regional SWAT teams) are now under the National Guard - or, Rosgvardia - umbrella. These paramilitary units have a distinct local character and their uniforms/kit vary incredibly from place to place. Granit is responsible for St Petersburg, a 300 year-old city of 5.3 million situated on the Baltic Sea. Granit is one of Russia’s more well-equipped SOBR teams, and seems to perform well in the annual Spetsnaz

Although this operator is wearing a British-issued CBRN suit (probably to make the competition suck harder), Spetsnaz have been using local copies of DPM camouflage for decades, produced under the name “Smog”.

(*note about the reference materials: I can’t be 100% sure which SOBR team the operators belong to, so Granit was my best guess. Not that it matters too much, but please correct me if I’m wrong).



  • Boots: Salomon Speedcross, black (ES)
  • Fatigues: MoD-issue DPM CBRN suit (DML + modifications)
  • Gloves: Oakley SI gloves, black (DAM)
  • Face covering: VOIN X Balaclava, black (?)
  • Elbow pads: Hatch EP300 Centurion, black (DAM)

1st Line

  • Harness: Yates Rappelling Harness, black (SS)
  • Belt: SRVV Rigger’s belt, OD (DAM)
  • Holster: SRVV universal holster, OD (DAM)
  • Signals: 2x SRVV ROP flare pouch, black (DAM)
  • Dump: ANA Dump pouch, black (PH)
  • GP: WarTech “classic” rifle mag pouch, black (DAM)
  • IFAK: SRVV MP-Med pouch, black, w/ chemlights (DAM)
  • Mags: SRVV PP-UV-2 pouch, OD (DAM)
    *Sidearm mags: SRVV PLC-2 Fast Recharge, OD (DAM)


  • Bucket: LZSH 1+ High-cut, black (SS)
  • Cover: VOIN cover, MC (DAM)
  • Strobe: Adventure Lights VIP Beacon, black (SS)
  • Goggles: WarTech, black (SS)

2nd Line

  • Armour: Velocity Systems APC, MC (DAM)
  • Multitool: 1x HSGI Pistol Taco, black (DAM)
  • Hydration: Camelbak bladder, black (DAM)
  • Frags: 2x WarTech grenade pouches, black (DAM)
  • Radio: HSGI Taco / VX600 radio + Motorola mic, black + tan (DAM)


  • SMG: Izhmash PP-19-01 Vityaz, factory stock, B-21 Zenitco fore-end, makeshift sling, black (DAM)
  • Sidearm: Stock Glock 17, 19 rd mag, Zenitco light, lanyard (ES, SS)



Spiffy looking figure, seems to reflect the reference pics. As for the unit, I won’t argue that, with most of these guys not running patches. The gathering of all units under the “National Guard” designation has struck me from the first, as being sinister - tho unsurprising, from a paranoid, power-grabbing mindset. I’d be interested to know how much regional control is retained, that being the original concept, as I understood it.

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Another awesome figure! I’ve got my own smog/kukla camo OMSN/SOBR operator in the works; I think it’s honestly one of the coolest camo derivatives that the Russians have worked with in the post-Soviet period. Very nice job.

Most regional units have been brought into the fold of the Rosgvardia, unfortunately, which has primarily served to standardize weapons and equipment, to the detriment of some former groups which used to have greater latitude to self equip. As I understand it, the MVD has very few special operations groups under its control, for obvious reasons as you stated above, revolving around Putin’s fear of insurrection. Even OMON has been nationalized. I believe regional ROSN FSB units are some of the last hold outs, such as the “Grad” unit of St. Petersburg, and the “Kavkaz” unit of the North Caucuses.

Really like this one Canuck.

Murakami - thanks man, that’s the aim! I agree, from a Western standpoint the blurring of lines between police and the military does seem suspect at best.

Spetzcollector - appreciate it! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. My favourite thing about Russian spec ops is how they seem to have 10 different camo patterns for every season and type of terrain. Thanks for the background on the reasoning for SOBR reform - it makes sense from that perspective. I’ll have to check out Kavkaz for bashing material. Also Krechet and the Kaliningrad unit seem to stand out from the others, from my understanding.

Suicide_Commando - thanks man! More to come, as always, until life returns to normal.

A very handsome figure you got there! Just wow…

Thanks man! Now all I need is a better photography setup…

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