Soldier Story 1/12 WWII D-Day

A new series of 1/12 figures is announced by Soldier Story … but where are our 1/6 waiting?

Who actually asked for 1/12th? Not hating, just genuinely curious

Odd how companies release stuff. Some company called Poptoys has put up for pre-order 3 x WW2 GI’s based on Saving Private Ryan characters. Is the trend going 1/12?

Tbh the whole 1/12 scale launch has me rubbing my head, we have had, knights, samurai’s, Vietnam, Modern (ish) Russians, WW2, 80’s SAS & hong Kong SDU.

All from various companies. On one hand great having wide choice. On other hand too much choice & no one reflecting what we are buying in 1/6 scale - mostly modern figures. I thought companies would look at current 1/6 scale sales and duplicate figures into 1/12 scale. NOTE: looking at 1/6 overall - most releases seem to be modern, understand we have people like COO making knights/samurai etc, and others giving us various historic figures/uniforms.

Anyway - the above photos look good - hope its a line rather than a one off special figure. Soldier Story 1/12 expo exclusive NSWDG figure was very well done. Indicated SS carrying over good standards from 1/6 into 1/12.

At least Soldier Story is not out of business yet, although I am not interested in 1/12 :laughing:

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Controversial opinion: 1:12 is a blight on 1:6.

We’re in trouble if E&S steps into the ring.

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There is room for the two to coexist as long as brands properly segment the prices and avoid the temptation to overprice one or both scales. I’m not sure they’ve got that balance right at this point but international demographics for the product probably track quite differently in China. From the start of BBI and Dragon there has been a constant evolution towards higher levels of detail and now it seems like things are going in the opposite direction.

It will be interesting to see how things shake out given the current global climate is going to force brands to re-evaluate their strategies. Value for dollar is king during a downturn and we are going to see one that makes 2008 look like Black Friday.

From a standpoint of collection space and price, I really like the 1/12 route. It means I can add more and take up less space. Pieces from these can swap to my other 1/12 collections if I really wanted. With 1/6 slowly making its way to 1/1 prices, eventually they will lose all interest in the market from buyers. I get that with greater detail comes greater price but when uniform sets (pants and top) are between 25 and 40 bucks, Helmet sets are 30 to 40, rifle sets are 40 to 70 it makes kit bashing super expensive. Boxed figures need about 50 to 80 bucks worth of stuff just to make them look nice without the generic out of box look. 1/12 may be expensive but the detail is still there for the price. Owning 5 of the 6 BHD CrazyFigure pieces, I am more than happy and feel the price was rather justified. May also be that I missed out on the 1/6 DAM ones and now I finally scratched that itch.

Going to the OP content, knowing SS the prices will be what turns me off as well as this being the second or third set of SPR stuff. It also makes me nervous when you see Ranger markings on the helmet but the uniform shows the 29th Infantry Division. Stuff like that will also be a bummer if they make that mistake.