Soldier Story ASU Hong Kong SAR's 20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Item N°

Soldier Story

  • SS103



  • S2.5 Body
  • Headsculpt
  • Bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)


  • ASU Combat Shirt (Navy Blue)
  • ASU Combat Pants (Navy Blue)
  • ASU T-shirt (BLK)
  • Oakley SI Assault Gloves (1 Pair) (BLK)
  • Danner Tactical Boots


  • MICH 2001 Helmet (Shell)
    • Team Wendy CAM FIT Retention System
  • Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0 (Smoke Lens)
  • Bollé Tactical X800 Goggles

Vest and Pouches

  • 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier
    • TAD MOLLE Admin Pouch
    • 5.11 Tactical 6.6 MOLLE Medic Pouch
    • 5.11 Tactical Large Drop Pouch
    • 5.11 Tactical 6.6 MOLLE Padded Pouch x2
    • 5.11 Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Holder
  • Tactical Belt
    • Tactical Belt Loop x4
    • Belt Loop Link
    • ASU Gas Mask Pouch
    • Hand Cuffs Pouch
    • Radio Pouch
    • 5.11 Tactical C5 Case - L (Phone/PDA)
    • M4 Drop Leg Double Mag Pouch (2017 ver.)
    • G-17 9mm Double Mag Pouch (2017 ver.)
    • OC Spray Holster (short ver.)

Tactical Gear

  • ASU ID Card and Card Chain
  • Multi-Tools
  • Ball Pen (RED/YELLOW) x2
  • Tactical Shield (Metal Plate )
    • Tactical Shield Cover
  • Hand Cuffs (metal)
  • Cable Tie x2
  • Omega Pacific Standard Screw-Lok D NFPA Carabiner
  • Casio G-Shock DW-6900
  • Apple iPhone 6


  • MOTOROLA MTS 2000 Radio
    • MOTOROLA BDN6708B Original Ear Mic w/ Bone Conduction and PTT Switch


  • Colt M4A1 14.5” :us:
    • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
    • EOTech 552 Holograhic Weapon Sight
    • MATECH Rear BUIS
    • SureFire M961 Weapon Light
    • SureFire DS07 Tactical Flashlight Remote Switch
    • TangoDown Vertical Fore Grip (Surefire) BGV-MK46
    • KAC Rail Cover x2
    • 2 Point Tactical Rifle Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • Streamlight M-3 Tactical Illuminator
    • Pistol Safety Lanyard
    • SAFARILAND 6004 SLS Tactical Holster
  • SABRE Defense 0.33% MC 1.8 oz Foam (MK-3) (short ver.)
  • Expandable Baton (Metal)
    • Rotated Baton Holster


  • HKSAR Police Force (Tactical Vest)
  • HKSAR Police Force (Tactical Shield)
  • HKSAR Flag x2
  • A+ Blood Patch x2
  • Call Sign
  • ASU Logo

Figure Stand

  • ASU Figure Stand

Out of the box

I couldn’t find anything about the headsculpt likeness

Fortunately, they provided a hole in the ear. Doing this myself for their two older FBIs was annoying. This hole here is tight, but fits the earphone properly. Push it in carefully though. Glueing the pin back to the earphone will usually be too weak to push it in.

ID card.

Quite like the head sculpt, just too bad resolution

If I am not mistaken, the veins and wrinkles are a new deatil to the back of the hands and fingers. These also seem bendable.

The torso was packed in plastic. Hopefully, not due to paint stains.
I didn’t take a look at the newer 2.5 SS bodies so far, but they have a different more life like look now.

The unit T and the logo

The Combat clothes

Zipper is functional and has kind of a small cloth cover


The sleeve with two fake pockets. Adjustable at the wrists via velcro.


Integrated elbow padding


Additional cords to tighten the pants. Didn’t check if they are actually working. Also no underwear provided. The seem to have stopped that after their SDUs.

Pockets at the pants

These cords are non-functional

Danner boots.

The SWAT logo on the sole is fake and I couldn’t find out the specific model.

Assault gloves

Figure stand, which was very hard to assemble and required a lot of force.

Eyewear and goggles

First, but not last quality issue with this boxed figure.

Glue stain on the goggles.

MICH 2001

The new MICH doesn’t require these padding stickers anymore

Second problem is that the strap won’t close, because it’s too short. Searching ebay shows this happened to all helmets.

So I cut this seam which released like 1/4 an inch of strap…

…and had to pull the other three straps to gain slightly more.

Now it fits

Third problem is another glue stain


This velcro thing is connected to a wire, which should be the quick release

Plate can’t be removed

Three velcros need to be opened to remove the front part of the vest

The inside padding

Med pouch

Admin pouch

Fake zipper and cord

Fourth problem

The MOLLE system is attached at the wrong angle

I somehow worked a way around. Cutting them off and sewing back in the proper position would have been a pain. This happened to every figure, after searching this part on ebay.

Water bottle pouch

I added a Hot Toys Nalgene bottle to fill the pouch

Two utility pouches. One for the belt (no MOLLE), one for the vest (MOLLE)

Drop pouch

This cord actually works. Good work here.

You can fold it even smaller, but the velcro hooks are not too strong so it might pop open again.

The completed vest


Be careful with these small black buttons. They fall off easily and are hard to be found

Gas mask pouch

Side pocket provided on both sides

I added a SS SDU gas mask to this set

Cord is also functional here

Small pocket on the back

Belt loop link for the cable ties

Radio pouch

Cell phone pouch

Pepper spray pouch

Cuffs pouch

Utility pouch without MOLLE

Safariland holsters from SS are a double edged sword. You need to be very careful with the pins and the amount of pressure you apply when assembling it. I broke some of them already. However, when assembled, they fit the pistol perfectly.
DAM’s holster need ususally a lot of filing work inside, otherwise the pistol gets jammed , the attachment gets stuck or pistol gets scratched.


Drop leg panel with M4 mag pouch

Pistol mag pouch

Fifth and sixth problem

Mag pouch won’t close. Probably made for Glock-19 mags :laughing:

Also it can’t be really pushed onto the drop leg panel straps, due to the extra seam in the middle

Fixed by removing the seam

The velcro was a bit harder

I removed the old hooks, which were very weak and replaced them by better ones.

For the counterpart I used sth lusher so the velcro hooks can cling to it properly. I also glued them on a bit overlapping to have a better grip.

The completed belt


Seventh problem

Although advertized, the both HK flags and the round ASU patch came without velcro hooks. On ebay they are all lacking this apparently

Needed to apply some myself

Tactical shield. You can pose the figure with it despite of the weight thanks to the stand

Inner plate (mix of metal and foam) can’t be reomved easily. My guess is you needed to remove the handle and then it would be possible.

Added SS gas mask

Hot Toys Nalgene bottle



Metal cuffs

iPhone 6 is very detailed and the best I have seen in 1/6 personally. Just the color choice is a bit odd or girly

G-Shock digital

Cable ties


Eighth problem is a broken clip at the yellow pen. Very fragile now

Radio. Antenna can be detached


PTT and ear piece

Baton feels metal like and has a certain weight.

It’s very loose and extends by itself when tilted downwards.


I inserted it the other way round later so it doesn’t extend inside the holder when rotated

Defense spray


I reviewed a lot of G-17s already with the GTL-22, so here only the M3 highlighted.

M3 Tactical Illuminator

STREAMLIGHT They forgot an A here

Slights on like a dream and remains there




KAC grip


Insert the SureFire switch

Weapon light

Iron sight

Very tight and not flimsy at all :+1:

EOTech 552


The completed rifle looks quite “modest” but I like the clean look

SAVE should have been SAFE


I strongly believe, that the sling mount can be detached, but you needed to force it, so I didn’t

I noticed the solid buffer tube. Now the spring is inserted into the upper first, before assembling. This actually makes it easier, than the other way.

Complete figure

Bottom line this reminds me a lot on the DAM San Diego review. A lot of issues, but still nice. This review wasn’t that long due to a lot of well known and often used parts, especially on the weapons. I need to stress though that this ASU is very well put together and still offers quite some new parts.
Most of my aquired figures lately look better out of the box than the preview pictures.

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Yep to protect against staining as well as protect the torso paint rubbing off. They are now airbrushing the upper torsos, only problem is they don’t seal the paint so it rubs off very easily and makes a mess. Personally I’d prefer they stop doing this since most are unlikely to display their figures topless.

They are a pain since they are often not applied properly. They require heat to activate the adhesive to fuse with the material. They are called fusable metal dots and you should be able to find them online or at craft stores. I wish the brands would find something better than these things as they are often missing out of the box.

Perhaps they meant save bullets. :rofl:

Surprised this one had so many design issues out of the box. Looks like most of them were solvable though.

Yeee-ikes, that’s a whole lot of pre-display repair/modification. NOT acceptable, SS best get on the stick.
“SAVE”, now that’s funny.

Good news. You don’t always notice when they drop off.

Is SS trolling me? Ordered replacement for my goggles and ended up with this :laughing:

A faulty production cycle? Went for SS097 SDU goggles now, they are the same.

This is what I like about Soldier Story. They even care about small details. Different pics and names on the IDs




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Fantastic review! I finally got a hold of one of these figures and put it together a few days ago. Compared to your troubles here is what I observed with mine:

  • I got very lucky and there is no glue stain on the goggles (or the two others from the SDU figures I have)
  • The helmet strap is definitely too short. I was able to get it to close but barely. I might do some cutting using your pictures as a guide to better center the chin area
  • The PALS webbing on my admin pouch was applied correctly
  • The dump pouch was able to be folded into the smaller size and the velcro holds well. It was a little challenging to attach because of one column of PALS webbing is much narrower than usual on the vest
  • The empty gas mask pouch was disappointing, but I filled it with all of the extra hands, etc. and it looks good
  • The pistol mag pouch is definitely too small. Might fit two 45 magazines but definitely not the ones supplied. I left them empty on mine (full does look better!)
  • I was able to use the leg pouch loops by taking apart the leg strap and pulling a single layer of elastic through. Your solution is far more easy, elegant, and better looking!
  • The stick on patches are a disappointment. I stuck them to the uniform and they do not stay. I’m not sure if it is the heatwave where I live or because it is an older figure but they shift/fall off like crazy. It is odd they only left velcro off of four of the eight patches, even odder they were all stuck on a piece of loop velcro in the package
  • I seriously damaged my rifle putting it together. It all went back together ok, but the gas tube is snapped inside. Not a big deal, but a headache for a short while.

All in all this is an amazing figure when put together, I’m really glad I picked it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very valid additional points. Also seems like they had different badges or production cycles. More recent ones had the goggles without the scratch and the admin pouch with vertical straps.

I think so too, pretty much all SS figures I own come with this unique touch. I might be a bit biased like @krisbe511 here (at least he claims to be :slight_smile: ), but apart from QC and politics I think SS is still doing the best figures variety and detail wise.

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you know that I share your opinion :wink:, for me SoldierStory has always offered the best figures, and a very interesting choice … but it’s true, that for the “purists” of the perfect detail, there is still some flaw and things to their approach again. But don’t forget that it’s a 1/6 scale world … and the quality of the products has continued to improve over the years … :blush:


Soldier Story is my favorite as well, DAM is great but they tend to put together figures with equipment that is “close enough” where I feel Soldier Story will be more faithful to reference photos.

I’m also glad that they caught some of these errors and corrected them, but I’m sorry you ended up with so many flawed pieces.

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No problem, I am the detail driven kind and will always procure replacement and undamaged parts!

Looking forward to the SDU diver SS124? with the mini submarine now.

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2017 and 2018 were clearly bad years for me I don’t even remember seeing this one before.

Nice looking figure, and great review.