Soldier Story at CICF 2019

User Hawk from BBICN shared these photos. Seal Team 3 SEAL is a new preview.

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They seem to be confident. Like the SCAR MK17 with extended rail, the MK16 with longer barrel than the initial SS075, a short barrelled QBZ-95 (most likely, as they wouldn’t make the effort for a QBZ-97 with 5.56mm) and finally the SDU diver.
Nothing ground breaking, but fine!

More pics of the SEAL

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They previewed the M79 pirate gun the SEAL is packing a while back with some other M79 variants. It will make a nice replacement for the ACE version.

I suspect this may be an expo exclusive given the part reuse which is common for the expo runs.

He does appear to have the same head as the new WWII German soldier. At least I only want one M79.

I’m kind of liking that PLAN crewman with the mini QBZ.

I asked on Facebook. He does not seem to be an “Salon edition” and will be proposed to preorder end October. Wait and see. :blush:

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That SEAL figure is one of the least interesting in a long line of SEAL/DEVGRU figures. Nothing new, but the pirate gun and holster. The SCAR doesn’t really thrill me, either, especialy since right now, there seems to be an unholy ressurrection of that weapon… I really like everything in AOR1, but this is a very, very easy pass…

But it comes with an extended rail. Gives me the chance to sort out my ES model instead as SS is superior in my opinion.
Should have opted for some European figures though. Upside is they focus not completely on domestic forces anymore as it seemed of late.

My highlight will be still the SDU diver with diving device.

The jacket and pirate gun are the main attractions for this one but it feels like a kitbash figure split with
other recent parts and their old SCAR designs they’ve had for many years now. Let’s wait for the official announcement as they sometimes use stand in parts for the expo shows.

SCARs are definitely overdone lately. I wish brands would breath a bit more life into the hobby rather than releasing the same thing in minor variations over the course of a year or two as things have been stagnating for retailers since that kicked into overdrive the last few years.