Soldier Story black ELCAN specter DR sight - Does it exist?

I am a bit confused as it pretty much looks like the SS mould, but doesn’t appear in any of their preview images at all. It doesn’t seem to be 3D printed either. Could someone clarify this?

I am not aware of any black SS Elcan Specters…maybe there’s some obscure Expo variant I am unfamiliar with?

It could be a knockoff or something produced by SS’s OEM (Flagset? Minitimes?). The seam on top of the black optic looks slightly rougher than the other optics, I dunno.

Flagset it’s not, only close. Will keep looking:

I have searched the site from Soldier Story but no Figure has this Elcan Specter in black. Perhaps Toys City? They had done one in black for sure.

This one comes close, but it’s missing the shade and the exact paint job

Same factory that made the Soldier Story one did a run of black ones some years ago when they were selling various bits of Soldier Story gear.

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Eh, DAM and E&S have since offered the Specter in black (in both 4x and 6x), so it’s not as though these SS-mold optics are the only ones in existence in black.

I think SS, DAM, or E&S would do well to produce accessory packs that include a selection of their optics. Stipulation: no camo, please!

I think that accessory packs with different optics, stocks, and grips in various different colors would be a great idea. It would certainly be better than having to buy an entire figure or weapon set just for a few accessories.

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This problem was discussed in a different thread too. Puzzle Bomb had done such sets with different optics and glasses. Was not a big seller from what i have heard. I would also prefer just sets with some optics, gribs and slings or equipment sets with gear and uniform like the old Toy Soldier ones. But i think it would cost more than to buy a gomplete Figure and sell the do not needed parts.

Puzzle Bomb was not a big name - did they do anything other than those scopes? I’m unfamiliar with any other products with their name attached.

SS, DAM, and E&S are far bigger names and carry more weight - at least as far as I’m concerned. Their optics are a known entity and I think that weight would help a potential optic accessory pack sell.

Puzzle Bomb didn’t look too far from ES to me. The price was high and the shades unnecessary, but till up to date they carry two unique scopes.

Puzzle Bomb launched at a higher price point and with the glasses assembled improperly and no distribution outside of China. With that said it is difficult to sell boxed accessory sets when the production process means the prices are more expensive then what they would otherwise be loose. The average buyer expects them to be cheaper rather than more expensive than loose parts. A good example of this was the Magic Cube FSB shield sets which sold for 2-3 times what they were being sold for loose and predictably sold poorly I’ve found that the best value tends to be with the mid to upper price figures or sets where the brand has more room to increase the number of bits in their offering. It’s the perceived value for dollar that people will look at rather than the price point.

That makes sense, I’d suppose. Perhaps General’s armory’s approach would be a more feasible alternative.

Sometimes I do feel a bit guilty if I stockpile loose optics - leaving the weapon they were packaged with behind for someone else to buy, optic-less…but as long as retailers allow this option, I’ll take it. Their alternative is always selling weapons as a set deal with all of the original attachments and accessories, which is a strategy I completely understand for slower-shifting pieces.