Soldier Story body stains

FYI the S2.5 body might have the plastic wrappings under the clothes when unboxing for a reason. At least this SS102 EXPO figure was stained by a black shirt. My SS097 with the same seemless arms has a gray shirt and didn’t stain so far.
Either the S2.5 is prone to dark dye or it’s due to a in-a rush-produced -EXPO-figure, with cheaper dye.

By the way, the arms were not effected.

One of those things that can pretty much happen with any body and darker colored shirts. DAM was the first I can recall to start including the wrap on their bodies with the Gangster Kingdom figures. Synthetic pleather materials can be bad for this as well. It’s a bit random as I’ve seen shirts from the same figure stain while other shirts from the same figure are fine years later. Haven’t seen the problem with lighter colors.

This is the first time it ever happened to me. I only witnessed stains on headsculpt befores, due to colored helmet straps. Both Soldier Story FBIs figures. HRT and CIRG.

Sometimes people will soak the item in water to help bleed out any excess dye, but I’ve found that depending on the dye and material used sometimes that causes uneven color splotching and discoloration. The female figure collectors will sometimes wrap bodies in saran wrap/cling film. You sometimes see the same problems with the feet of figures as black boots with synthetic materials will cause the same dye transfer.

I am fine then, rather a stained body, which I never see anyway, than a wrecked shirt or clothes.

I recently bought a head sculpt, off of a Flagset (?) figure, because it was kind of unique, and didn’t look like any celebrities. There was a warning on the page, that a sweater had stained the neck some.
I’ve tried soap and water, as well as Benzoyl peroxide, over a prolonged period, but the faded stain persists. Fortunately, the neck won’t be visible.

This was a real problem in the old 21C days, with their “fingerless” mitts and balaclavas, but it seems like the staining has resurfaced as a prominent situation again. Shortcuts in the dyeing and “fixing” processes, I’m thinking.

Flagset sounds right as they had staining issues from that air crew shirt they kept reusing.

So apparently Soldier Story has tried to address this by wrapping their newest release in a cling film on the upper part of the torso/abdomen. This is a resounding failure as the cling film gets stuck and adheres to the harder torso material. Not very well thought out. Two steps forward, four steps backward.

Did anyone in general realized any balaclavas that stain head sculpts regarding the latest figures, starting from SS085 / 78026 approx. ?
I have witnessed that with SS062 and SS067, but newer ones never did. I just don’t wanna go through all my figures and remove balaclava and helmet to check. Seems quality has improved her, but you never know.
Looking forward to your experiences.