Soldier Story Glock-19 (French SF)

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Soldier Story

  • SS085 [Full figure]


  • Glock-19 :austria:
  • Glock Mag 9×19mm (15rd)

I had a spare SS Glock that was doomed due to damage so I decided to disassemble it. This review could also be applied on a SS Glock-17.

Firstly, remove the takedown pin, which in my case was somehow a metal pin. Maybe I bought a faulty one, but I needed it for other spare parts only, so no harm done.

DAM is lacking the pin, so I broke 3 in the process of finding spare parts for another figure. They usually have a damaged recoil spring rod, after removing the slide with force. Even if one of them still looks fine, the slide now sits far too loose.

Pin removed and now push the slide forward…

…and take it off.

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Looks like a replacement the seller has put in. The original pin is plastic. That looks like the one from the French SF pistol. If so I have seem some of those missing the original takedown pin.

Great review there chpo. Have not taken apart my glocks yet…

Thanks. This was very easy and the pistol will remain intact. Only Soldier Story though, don’t try with DAM :sweat_smile:

As a side note, I took a look at the Soldier Story P8 pistol from the SS088 KSK and it can’t be disassembled like a Glock. It lacks a takedown pin. You can only remove the hammer, safety switch and slide release. I have a damaged spare one, I might attempt to disassemble in the future, which will require some force.

Much obliged for the inside look. The degree to which scale weapons’ accuracy has developed, is really impressive. It seems to me that there are scale weapons designed to be taken down, and those which are designed to survive being disassembled. I’m surprised how much inner detail is included, many times.

Here’s my 19 Gen 5 taken down, with the spring and rod assembly. Even a static piece would have required some amount of extra detailing, and if they had tried to duplicate the springs and pieces for a “functional” break down, those would’ve been delicate, especially the “fiddly bits”. Glock’s design requires some pressure and “finger play” to release the upper assembly.


The Gen 5 also has an ambidextrous slide release, no finger swells, and has extra back straps, to change the dimension of the grips, as here.

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Seeing that 1:1 pistol disassembled and comparing it to Soldier Story’s really shows their level of detail.

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