Soldier Story HGU-56/P Helmet Collection SHCC 2018 Expo Exclusive

Pretty neat but also pretty useless for me.

I will try to get both. Ninja Turtle and the baboon. Wonder when the others will be released.


These look fantastic. Just a shame like SC not my thing.

Interesting. Not really feeling the Hulk on, although that is based on an actual picture.

I would like to see the fronts of the other ones too.

I wonder if this means we are getting a new pilot version too?

Nice done but just to display one of the helmets in a showcase it will look lost. So you would need all of them. It could look cool in combination with a mannequin like the ones from B6 CLASS. An easy pass for me.

Some pics from “smtus” on BBICN. Wonder if it’s out already. Couldn’t see any sale so far.

It’s the Hulk. I thought of Ninja Turtle in the first place.

They were only for sale at SHCC 2018. I would expect a small amount of them to be available on ebay by resellers.

Thanks. I hate Soldier Story. Will be always a pain to track this stuff down.

In configuration with the matching Figur in ACU or multicam Version it is a nice add on. As loose part just for display it is a little boring unlike you are a big fan of these helmets or an former pilot / crew member.