Soldier Story HK SDU Assault Leader


Item N°

Soldier Story

  • SS096



  • S2.5 Body
  • Headsculpt
  • Bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bendable Hands (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)


  • Nomex Overall Assault Suit
  • Black T-shirt
  • Rappelling Gloves
  • adidas GSG-9.2 Assault Boots


  • MICH 2000 helmet
    • Helmet Mount for NVG
  • ESS Ballistic Goggles
  • Balaclava

Vest and Pouches

  • Knee Pads
  • MSA Gallet RAV
    • Foam Shoulder Pads
    • MOLLE Admin Panel
    • MOLLE Single Mag Pouch x2
    • MOLLE Medic Pouch
    • MOLLE Radio Pouch
    • MOLLE Utility pouch
    • MOLLE small utility Pouch
    • MOLLE OC Aerosol Pouch
  • Troll Magma Harness
    • PA System gas mask pouch
    • Belt Loop Safety Lock
    • MOLLE Drop Leg Panel
      • MOLLE 5.56 Double Mag Pouch
      • MOLLE 9mm Double Mag Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • Tactical Rappelling Rope (BLUE/BROWN) x2
    • Tactical Rappelling Rope Bag
  • Avon CBRN FM12 Gas Mask
  • Cable Tie x2
  • Casio G-SHOCK DW-9052 Digital Watch
  • D Shape Auto Locking Carabiner
  • Petzl Pirana Descender
  • Figure 8 Climbing Ring
  • Rescue Figure 8 Ring


    • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV Headset
    • MOTOROLA (TEMCO) Voiceducer


  • HK G36KV :de:
    • HK G36 Extended Top Rail
    • HK G36 Front and Rear Sights
    • G36 Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
    • Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T 1.3x14mm Rifle Scope
    • Harris Bipods HBRS
    • G36 Tactical sling
  • Remington M870 Folding Stock :us:
    • Breacher Muzzle
    • SureFire 618LMG Remington Replacement-Forend WeaponLight
    • Shotgun Shell x6
    • M870 Bungee sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • Streamlight M-3 Tactical Illuminator
    • Pistol Safety Lanyard
    • SAFARILAND 6004 SLS Tactical Holster
  • ARM MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Flash Bang x2
  • Chemring Group Gren Hand Burst Irrt- A.Riot- N225 x2
  • DEF-TEC First Defense 360° 1.3% MK-4 Stream OC Aerosol
  • Ontario 6141 MK III Navy Combat Knife w/ Sheath
  • Expandable Baton


  • SDU Patch
  • SDU 40th Anniversary Patch

I put on the cloth gloves the wrong way round, but changed that later.

Andy Lau, I guess, with a bit of Chow Yun-Fat

Greyish T-shirt

Some of the few figures from SS with underwear

Put on the gloves properly now. After put on once, they have a looser fit and it’s no chore anymore, although with the proper technique it only takes 5 minutes per glove.
Somehow SS’s glove fingers are always too short.

Knee pads as usual

The nomex suit in detail:

Velcro at the collar

Chest pocket

All zippers are working. On the right shoulder is no velcro option.

Velcro at the wrists

Elastic band for the hips

Pockets on the thighs

It’s supposed to be pockets, if my research is correct, but SS didn’t apply zippers. You also can’t open them.

No zippers applied

Velcro at ankles

GSG-9 boots, which I never took such a close look at as now and it has great detail. Despite Soldier Story’s Glue-Affairs on boots, they are still doing some of the best.









MICH helmet

It occured to me now several times, that the BIG6 mannequin has quite a big head and can’t fit every helmet.
If they should ever consider doing an updated version, please with a slightly smaller head, thighs for holsters and a bit of a biceps for T-shirt sleeves.

No padding provided

The helmet mount doesn’t damage the plastic of the helmet where they are clinging to it.

I find the MICH highly ugly and blunt, but the helmet mount gives it a completely different look.


ESS logo

Vest with Molle pouches applied already

Admin Pouch

Quick release

Can be stored inside the vest via velcro

Mag pouches and defense spray

Small pouch

Carries my shotgun shells

Radio and medic pouch

Utility pouch

Plate for the front with a notch for the quick release

No plate for the back



Shoulder with pads

The Molle part on the back can’t be detached completely due to the zippers being sewed up at the end


Attachments for the harness


Belt loop

Baton pouch

Gas mask pouch

Are these kind of pockets? Light sticks fit in

Sidepocket. Too small for the gas mask filter


Drop leg panel with double pistol mag pouch and double rifle mag pouch

Rope bag

I put the remaining descenders into the sidepouch

I also inserted both ropes into the bag

Descenders and carabiner

“D” carabiner

Pirana Descender

Figure 8 Climbing Ring

Rescue Figure 8 Ring


I just realized now that the SS097 gas mask has actually different straps


Cable ties

Radio and headset

Radio connection to voiceducer

Voiceducer attached to headset

Velcro on the back

Headset is very stable and has a perfect fit, due to the metal bail on the ear pieces.





Defense spray



This one is hollow




Complete pistol


The loading port can be opened and is kind of spring operated. There is at least a resistance that moves the flap back into this position.

Stock unfolded


Plain rifle

These holes are not present in the Soldier Story G36Cs

However, the SS086 SEK has the same holes with the G36K

Fire selector works

The extended rail is detachable, but was too stiff to dare

Back sight can be detached, too

This way the sling remains in place


My Harris bipod is really messed up though. Totally not symmetrical.

They put so much detail into this piece


Geared up

Charging handle is movable, but on the Soldier Story G36s very fragile


Detachable barrel

The completed figure

I have nothing much to add. It’s my favorite boxed figure at the moment and highly underrated in my opinion. The set provides great weapons and attachments, the gear matches perfectly, the figure is not overloaded and details like the rope bag with rope make it really unique.
People mostly preferred the DAM SDUs. I never touched them as a police collector and only have the Soldier Story SDUs at home, which seem to have better detail and differ a lot from each other (SS096 vs SS097 and 78026 vs 78034). But DAM vs SS is another story.


Soldier Story SS096 Special Duties Unit Assault Leader

Nice review, I have this figure still boxed up. I tried Googling about the boot sole - the section that looks like four dice, all fours - got nothing. It’s definitely on the real boots.



Thanks, this figure is definitely worth putting together one day. Especially considering you can pose it with the rope as well, like this.

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