Soldier Story in decline?

HI all, I’m new-ish to the board, but I’ve been an on-and-off casual collector that loves to kitbash since the era when dragon models and 21st century toys pushed out one sixth, I’ve been noticing that soldier story hasn’t been pushing out anything (or have they).

Anyone have info on that?

Hello, not a lot of info for Soldier Story (which remains my favorite brand) … and, big delay on the last figures. for example: more than 18 months late for the “Voodoo” … some figures must come out for next months, and it will be necessary to wait for the exhibitions of 2020 to see other novelties to come … like always with them… wait and see :yum:

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There have been lengthy delays and a concerning decline in quality control starting with their NYPD figures. The QC issues I’ve seen over the last year and a half are some of the worst of any brand whereas they used to be the most consistent. The consistency of the quality control of the end product is what you would expect from an entry level brand like Very Hot, not Soldier Story. It’s not a good look when a brand resorts to using saran wrap to hold their body together, as happened with SS101.

It would be wise to stop with the 1/12, statues, drink straws, alarm clocks, movie products, and concentrate on their core product line. I would think that near zero percent of their customer base was wanting figures from the feminist flop 2016 Ghostbusters film. Ever since Ben left their design choices haven’t felt as inspired, with SS106, 109, 112 concepts dating back to when he was still there. That their latest co-branded product has resorted to crowd funding is quite strange as well, moreso given the brand associated with their former OEM essentially already released the same figure.

They seem to have really overstretched themselves in recent years and the core product has suffered. They have previewed some interesting product but most of that dates back many years now and if they can’t get that out the door promptly it isn’t going to get people excited given other brands are releasing product in a more timely fashion. I hope they can turn things around and restore the “Soldier” to their brand as they pretty much brought modern military to the level it is currently at after other brands faltered or abandoned the category. A wise brand learns to make product their established customers are wanting, not their own passion products.