Soldier Story Preview Images


Hi there,

we are only missing the SS008 and SS010 figures for our Product Announcement Archive. If any of you would have the full set or some of the above figure pics in an at least 800 - 1000 resolution for height, please let me know.
The official Soldier Story site is providing them in 400 x 594 only or so.

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It seems that these figures are too old for a better definition of images. Nothing better for me.



I have the 1st Cav set. I don’t own the CIA. I wish I did though. I wouldn’t have any “glam” shots of the set.



No problem for that, thanks!



You mean not the official SS pics?

How is the figure like? Look pretty interesting to me, judging by the images only.



It is a good figure. The body is a clone of the BBi bodies. The biggest disappointment is that the base body is white and only the hands, wrists, neck, and head are AA style. The gear is good with some minor flaws here and there with the stitching not being perfect. Typical early SS, fragile and not as crisp as the new stuff.



I had the promo pics of both, but the thumb drive I have them on dropped on the floor, and now no longer works in the computer. So many archived pictures, all the way back to 1998, inaccessable now.

I do have the CIA Figure in the OSF Expo version. Got it when it was released. I did a full review over at the “other place” haha :sunglasses: . I did a full comparison at that time as well as the differences between them. I’ll see if I can find the link and post it here.

That was easy… wow, 2007.

I am still using the same setup to take pictures. Including the camera.

Although the last review I did entirely with my Android, and a different backdrop. Same area though.



I am very jealous that you not only have the CIA figure but that you have the exclusive version. That is one I only ever got parts to. I have the rifle from the mass market one. I had the body but sold it I believe. I wish I hadn’t now.



That sucks massively. Must have been thousands of images!

Anyone having these down below in a proper size?

Would need 800x1195



Here is the Sodier Story in 800x1195 :wink:

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Very nice, thanks a lot. Added it to the archive thread!

Now only these missing.

Would need 1200x1600 or 1600x1200



The first two are already 1200x1600 and I have nothing for the assault rifle.



That’s strange. Let me have a look.

Supposed to be these. They changed when I pasted the pictures