Soldier Story question


So for the first time in 10 years maybe of owning a Soldier Story figure, I broke a piece I never thought you could. I cracked the ankle cup. I never knew you could crack those the same way you could a Hot Toys or DAM figure. Has anybody ever had this happen? It makes the foot all loose and the peg drop out.

Here is a shot of the crack. Seems to follow the seam of the leg but the leg shows no sign of separation. Guess I found another side project to tackle.

With SS I only ever broke the torso connector with the SS101, sorry.

I have done that, snapped pegs and shoulders. I just have never seen this happen. Luckily I have a large stock of bodies but I found it both funny and odd. A problem I have never heard anyone address. I thought SS had the most durable body.

When it comes to Soldier Story, I suppose their newer stuff might be of lesser quality materials, or using some now older components. With time, and the degradation of components, it seems like we must exercise techniques like those employed by curators.

I guess so. Its funny when the Gen 1 bodies hold up better than the new 2.5s.

I’ve had it happen myself with their newer bodies. They’ve had issues with plasticizer brittleness on the earlier generations of their body, with joints freezing and breaking, particularly the shoulder, due to the plastic becoming brittle over time. The ankle pegs and torso spring mechanism of the newer bodies are their weak points, albeit on a small percentage of bodies. I would rate the newer generations of DAM bodies as more robust. Other than some variance in joint tightness I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen anything break on any of those produced within the last several years.

I am slowly swapping over to DAM. They have a better feel and look for more of the bashes I am working on.

I had too the problem with broken shoulder joint with the body from the SS101 Figure. With the older ones i never had problems. So it could be the Quality of the material.

New pic added.

The figure had a foot in no problem. I popped it out and swapped a foot. Some how in my 10 seconds of swapping, it popped. I guess its just a material flaw.

I will have to mess with it to see if I can fix it. Or do the old super glue on the peg trick to make the peg “bigger”