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Soldier Story

  • SS085 [Full figure]

Since I wrecked my SS101 body and needed replacement, I have now a broken one, but it’s nice for showcasing how they are actually built.
As a sidenote, be careful when bending the torso. At least mine popped in the middle and it’s a pain to put them back together.

The torso is covered by this rubber part

It reamins in place via these notches

Removing the arms is a minor thing here.

Technically you could adjust the tightness of the shoulder joint here, however when loosen the screw the arm won’t hold up properly anymore.

This is how the shoulder holders are sitting on the torso

As soon you unscrew the torso you are bale to remove them. However, also the hip to chest connector gonna slip out and that’s the hard part to fix. More to that soon.

This is the core

Lower abdomen, belly and chest and connected via this spring

You push it in into the hip and close the two chest parts around its other end

Both ends of the srping are fitted into a round body and hold in place by a small plastic pin.

The big problem here is that the spring is not long enough to just connect the body parts on the fly. Otherwise the torso had no tension and wouldn’t stay upright.
In my case the spring is stretched and therefore broken/too loose now.

The key is inserting it into the hip, apply the belly and prepare the upper torso with the shoulder adapters.

Now pull the spring out, make sure the shoulder adapters don’t fall out and close the upper torso around the upper round body. Please note that the spring is very strong and tends to slip out of your grip.

It’s probably easier asking someone else for assistance.

I didn’t include wrist and foot pegs in this , which are easily accessable.


They (screws) are usually in their pretty tight but if you tighten them a bit more and compress the spring you will get a tighter joint. Easy Simple uses the same idea on their newer bodies. Works quite well compared to the way DAM manages it.

Spring of death.


Thanks for the interesting autopsy. Seems like a fair enough design, minus the risk of possibility of a catastrophic failure. In the modern tempo of concept to production, competition appears to have re-introduced the reduction of proper periods of development and testing.


Of the military brands they are the only one using a torso with a spring loaded mechanism at the moment. The older Easy Simple bodies were like this and likewise a nightmare to fix, although they didn’t pop apart. The spring solves some of the issues with floppy torsos but I’m not sure the trade offs are worth it. It seems like the combination of moving the lower abdomen forwards or backwards and a rubberized cup that isn’t molded perfectly results in the pop off.

For my money DAM is the only brand that consistently ships a near flawless body at the moment. Easy Simple is getting there, with the only issue being they sometimes have torso slop when the factory doesn’t tighten the screws that clamp the lower abdomen together properly (easy fix) or they strip the plastic bit the screws go into by over tightening them.

With the amount of money spent on tooling on a body, testing before paying an OEM is certainly something that should be improved.