Soldier Story SEAL Team 6 Neptune Spear Build up

I got this one a bit late, almost 2 years after it was released. Opened the box, built the weapons, and then tucked it into a storage bin and I forgot to come back and finish it.

No need to do a review on a 9 year old figure, and there have been a few done already.

It’s interesting to see how figures haven’t really progressed much in 10 years. This 9 year old figure is easily as good as anything released now, and it still had it’s own flaws. That said, it was time to get this one built up, and on displayed.

I’ll have to fine tune the vest, and the load out, as it’s way too loose, and the comms and knife aren’t added.


Never wrong to do a vintage review. Many of these are forgotten and still come with unique items. But I know about the effort involved in making reviews. Not always having the time and energy.


9 year old retro review? I did take all the pictures… old habits die hard haha. Do I dare?

[EDIT] Okay. Instead of doing an all out full review of an old figure, I necroposted the old OSW review by CorranJ, added all the pics(which were all missing, probably due to the photo hosting sites needing memberships and fees), and some missing fitting and QC details. That saved me some typing time.

To be honest, I used the review and promo teaser to help build the figure. I just missed the vest part, and have to backtrack by removing pouches so I can tighten up the lacing of the vest, install the push knife(or not depending on the tying of the string), and routing of the comm cords. Then I can put the pouches back on.

I’ll need to tweak the helmet too so it sits just a bit higher and more snugly. And why can’t all the current NVG set ups click together like that figure did? Perfect set up, and so simple. No loose NODs.

If you want to check out a 9.5 year old figure and how it measures up, click on the link. 9.5 years… where did the time go?

I’m going to crack open Voodoo next, and finish up the Cal Tek Preacher right after that, as soon as I figure out where I stashed the weapons and bits. I did get 2 of these SEAL figures, so I just need to swap out the body and some bits to do another operator.

As I fine tune the figure, I will also be adding some upgrade bits as well. I have a spare set of GPNVG-18 goggles/helmet loose from the Voodoo figure, so he’ll get some green night eyes. Need some V-lites and Manta strobe as well. Kind of a crossover MOHW/ Zero Dark Thirty team. And a spare Winkler knife from one of the E&S sets I have laying around.