Soldier Story Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK)

Item N°

Soldier Story

  • SS086



  • S2.5 BODY
  • Figure Head
  • Bare Hand (1 Pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 Pair)


  • TAD Merino Half Zip (BLK)
  • Oakley SI Assault Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Weathered Jeans
  • adidas GSG-9.2 Boots


  • Balaclava (BLK)

Vest and Pouches

  • MEHLER Vario System SEK Weste
    • Modular Mag Pouch x2
    • Modular Radio Pouch
    • Modular Flash Bang Pouch x2
  • Tactical Rigger Belt
    • BLACKHAWK! Ωmega Elite Triple Pistol/Double Cuff Pouch
    • Leatherman Multi-Tools Pouch
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
  • Tactical Knee Pad (1 Pair)
  • MOLLE Operations Bag
  • EASTPAK Waist Pack

Tactical Gear

  • Leatherman Multi-Tools
  • Peerless Hinged Handcuff Model 801C
    • Handcuffs Key x2
  • Tactical Zip Ties x2
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Streamlight Sidewinder IR (COYOTE)
  • Entry Ram


  • MOTOROLA Saber Radio w/ Hand-Mic


  • HK MP7A1 (BLK) :de:
    • MP7 Mag 4.6×30mm (20rd) x3+1
    • EOTech 551
    • HK Flip Up Sights
    • SureFire 952V Weapon Light
    • MP7 Silencer
    • Single Point Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • GTL 22 Tactical Light w/ Laser and Dimmer
    • Pistol Lanyard
    • SAFARILAND 6004 SLS Tactical Holster
  • ARM MK13 MOD 0 Flash Bang x2


  • Nordrhein-Westfalen State Patch
  • POLIZEI Patch x2
  • P2 / S8 Call Sign Patch
  • Team Leader Call Sign Patch

Figure Stand

  • SEK Figure Stand

This was basically my first figure, when I started collecting in 2014. Despite being an EXPO figure I got it relatively cheap for approx USD 170.

The head sculpt is straight from the SS080C, but that’s their usual EXPO figure practice so far. They don’t make new head sculpts for them.

Tom Cruise

The top is functional wear and looks a bit funny on this narrow shoulder body.

Some people complained about the denims, but I am not too concerned. With the knee pads on it looks totally fine.

Balaclava didn’t stain so far (4 years)

GSG-9 Boots

adidas wording



Functional wear sleeves

Oakley Assault Gloves

Pliers and Cable Ties with Pouches

Pliers are fully functional

Saber Radio and Pouch

Streamlight Sidewinder

MK13 Flash Bang and Pouches

Patches. The crest is for the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen. The Polizei Patch comes x3.

Waist Pack totally functional. I put the hand cuff keys in there.

Triple Pistol/Double Cuff Pouch and cuffs


Belt with Multitool and Pouch

Body Armor with Shoulder, Neck and Groin Protection

Throat protector with plate can be detached, but due to the velcro and the buckle it’s difficult

Detachable shoulder armor

Groin Protection with Plate


Metal Ram feels kind of metallic

Bag can be opened, but it’s stuffed with foam. You needed to remove it first, but then it would lose its shape. The Ram is too big to store inside. At least in dimensions. It might work with force.

Holster, Mag Pouch and Lanyard


Mags are best detailed Glock Mags out there with Bullet Count.




EOTech 551

Silencer is hollow

SureFire 952V

HK Flip up Sights

For me personally there is totally no reason to get MP7s from others than Soldier Story.

The only foregrip that is spring operated and holds itself into place. Either folded or unfolded.

The extendable stock holds itself in place as well.

These small gaps in the stock are holding it there.

The charging handle is working!

All these features are unique to Soldier Story!


E&S 26009R released a MP7A2 now and has a moving charging handle as well.

The single point sling attached

Fire selector movable

Rails can be removed

I tried to fit the SS085 French SF 40rd Mags, but they sit very loose on mine. Could be fixed by applying tape inside the grip.

Geared up

I didn’t take it apart, because there were no takedown pins. You can apparently, but I might do it another time. You probably have to apply force.

In case someone saved a DAM 78012 DEVGRU Operation Neptune Spear GPS mount. It fits perfectly in between the stock and holds in place.

The full figure

It’s one of my nicest figures. Not too much gear provided, but very well put together.

Only drawback, there is no helmet. I know that EXPO figures are put together very quickly before an event, but an AM95 helmet would have added so much more to this.

One of their more underrated figures for sure. This was probably one of the cheaper expo figures to buy as well.